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Word Of The Week December 2

SAPPHIRE BLUE *SAPPHIRE   (Noun)   (saf-ahyuhr) A gem *BLUE  (Noun)   (bloo) A primary color SAPPHIRE BLUE is the color of the floating tree lights on Crane pond.  With the reflection of the lights in the water, they look like Blue diamonds. If you haven’t had a chance to venture out and see all of Tanglewood’s beautiful…

Need help getting groceries?

All of us need help sometime.  And for those living alone it can be serious.  I just tested Walmart’s online grocery shopping app and it was so EASY to use.  When I completed my order, I could chose the time I’d come to pick up my order…it was FREE.  I was directed via email to…

Word Of The Week October 15

ASSIDUITY Noun (as-si-du-i-ty) Constant or close application or effort You focus your attention on it Persistent application or diligence, unflagging effort Constant personal attention Strong focus and determination The gymnast’s ASSIDUITY earned her a place on the olympic team