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Recreational Pickle Ball For Everyone

Pickle ball is a sport developed in the 60’s.  It was created with one thing in mind…Fun.  It is easy to learn, no matter your age. If you have ever played badminton, racquetball, tennis or ping pong; you can play pickle ball. Played on a court smaller than a tennis court, pickle ball allows players…

RED HOT BABES Strike Again!

What fun!A Pajama Party!  What an idea!  Let’s do it at Dimitries!! So off we went in pajamas strolling into Dimitries as sassy as could be…except for one of us, who shall remain unnamed, who ended up (alone) at Bob Evans!  We certainly got the looks in our curlers and babushkas and cute PJs.

Word Of The Week October 23

SUPPOSITITIOUS Adjective (suh-pah-zuh-tish-us) Falsely presented as a genuine heir Substituted with fraudulent intent Extreme care was taken to insure a SUPPOSITITIOUS male heir was not substituted for the right full heir; even if the child’s health was precarious.