This ‘N That

Word Of The Week October 15

ASSIDUITY Noun (as-si-du-i-ty) Constant or close application or effort You focus your attention on it Persistent application or diligence, unflagging effort Constant personal attention Strong focus and determination The gymnast’s ASSIDUITY earned her a place on the olympic team

Word Of The Week August 20

OSTENSIBLE Adjective ((Ah-sten-suh-bul) Stated or appearing to be true, but no necessarily so. OSTENSIBLE purpose of the trip. Appearing or claiming to be one thing, when it is something else. When something is OSTENSIBLE it appears to be the case but might not be. The OSTENSIBLE cause of her enforced retirement was to make room…

Word Of The Week August 13

EXCOGITATE Verb (eks-koj-i-teyt) To think out, devise, invent To study intently and carefully in order to grasp fully- comprehend fully To consider or think(something) our carefully and thoroughly To think over something carefully To consider fully My father used to EXCOGITATE his stock market holdings