TMAC Meeting, Wednesday, 12/21/2016

Chairman Tom McKeever called us to order at 3 PM, and we recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Representatives of 19 Committees were present, and 6 residents sat in the audience. The meeting was broadcast on Channel 195.

The Secretary’s report of the November meeting was accepted unanimously, motion by Bill Rulli and second by John McKinney.

Assistant Treasurer Ingrid Strope passed out the financial statements for review. John McKinney moved to accept, second by Shirley Kabet, passed unanimously.

Tom again reminded us that we need someone willing to audit Marilyn Schoppenhorst’s bookkeeping, it’s a once-a-year job.

Park Manager Tammy was not present to give a report.

Activities Director Billie spoke. Channel 195 has been having trouble with the activity scroll. Comcast has been notified, and a technician is expected late this week.

Items for the newsletter need to be condensed and shortened to save space (and money). Please send your announcements to Billie by e-mail, following the form she requested several months ago.

Don’t ask her on Monday to make an announcement at Coffee. Please write it out or email it in advance.

There will be a Bash on Tuesday January 3 featuring “Memory Road”.

Committee Reports were given:

  • Bingo had no representative.
  • Computer Club will be meeting one week later than usual, on Friday Dec. 30 at 2:00 PM. New Members always welcome. If you haven’t paid your dues for the upcoming year, do so.
  • Country Breakfast: No representative.
  • Dance: There is one table left for New Year’s Eve, call Elaine Schmidt. The California Toe Jam band is coming in March, tickets will be sold in advance for that night.
  • Decorating: No representative
  • Diversions: The Garage Sale netted $1184.75. Bill Rulli thanks all the volunteers who worked the days. Next sale will be March 31 and April 1, and tables will cost $7, except for the outdoor golf cart spaces, which will remain at $5. Tables go on sale on January 9. Hosted the Christmas Cart Parade on 12/17. Next up: The Great American Musical, free shows on Jan. 6, 7, & 8th. Raffle tickets are being sold to cover expenses and the free snack served.
  • Genealogy: next meeting is Jan. 4 at 10 AM in the Community Room.
  • Library workers shelved 10,470 books so far this year. Book Bingo will continue until the end of January.
  • Model Yacht Club: The 2017 race season begins on Jan. 3, with Solings class starting at 1 PM. Jan. 5, Fairwinds and V-32’s will begin at 10 AM and 1 PM respectively. Weekly races will run the same schedule. Next meeting is Jan. 19, 3 PM in the Community Room.
  • Monday Coffee has secured sponsors to carry us through spring.
  • Petanque: Next tournament is Jan. 7. They play every day at 1:30, new players welcome, instruction provided.
  • Pickleball celebrates the opening of the new courts today. They thank Management for sodding in the area.
  • Pot Luck had only 36 people at their December meal. There will be no Pot luck in January.
  • Shuffleboard – Turn out is very good this year. An in-park tourney is scheduled for Dec. 30 at 10 AM. Entry fee is $3.
  • Special Events is already planning the 2018 season. Come to the Showcase and see who’s good enough to hire. The January 8 show features ”Wall Street”.
  • Special Meals is selling tickets for their Jan. 17 dinner, get them quick before they’re all sold out.
  • Table Games: No representative
  • TAG is still seeking more volunteers for their March production, a combination of “Laugh-In” and a fashion show.
  • Tech Support: No representative
  • Tennis is playing every day and having a great time.Trips & Travel has planned 5 multi-day and 7 day trips this season. Check their information desk in the corner of the clubhouse.
  • is once again enjoying record-breaking hits to their site. Still seeking a health columnist and an occasional restaurant and movie reviewer.
  • Water Volleyball just wants you to come in and play.
  • Welcome: 91 houses have been sold in 2016. The Who to Contact list, containing everything you need to know about living in Tanglewood, can now be found on the left side of the front page of the TWRtimes.
  • Wood and Glass shop: No representative.

Tom McKeever had the Chairman’s Report. Sign-up for the 2017 committees will start in about 3 weeks, on or about Jan. 15. By being a registered member of a committee you have a say in the direction of that group. New blood is always needed to keep Tanglewood active and growing.

Under Unfinished Business, the Financial Committee gave their preliminary report. Bill passed out copies to each person on the board, with the request that we study the report and return in January with some good ideas for improving TMAC’s bottom line. Marilyn Schoppenhorst had also prepared a paper listing what each committee receives from TMAC (if anything), or how they make their money, and the dispensation of their funds (some are retained, some are returned to TMAC in January).

After some discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 3:59. Next meeting will be at 3 PM on January 18.

Shirley Kabet, Secretary
December 21, 2016

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