TMAC Minutes, March 15, 2017

This was the first meeting of the Tanglewood Master Activities Committee (TMAC) for the 2017-18 season.

Returning Chairman Tom McKeever called us to order at 3 PM and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Representatives of 24 committees were present, plus about 20 in the audience. The meeting was broadcast on Comcast Channel 195 to the residents.

Secretary’s Minutes of the February meeting were approved unanimously as submitted.

Marilyn Schoppenhorst (Treasurer) passed out the committee records for examination and said it looked like we’ll end the fiscal year with a minimum of $10,000, which was the preliminary goal to fiscal responsibility.

Activities Director Billie Pimentel handed out lists of all the committee officers. She will have copies of the TMAC by-laws for any new Chair who requests one. The By-Law review committee hopes to have their work done by the end of this year, at which time all Chairs will receive new copies. The By-Law committee has already put the existing laws into electronic form for ease in working on them.

Billie reminded us of the Appreciation Week’s activities:

  1. The Grease sing-along will be at 2 PM on Monday March 20.
  2. The Sock Hop will be Tuesday night.
  3. Wednesday will be the Water Volleyball game between Management and the Resident All-Stars at 1:30, followed by the “Nostalgia” show in the evening.
  4. Thursday is the catered picnic (Tickets and Name Badges REQUIRED!) with seatings at 2 and 4 PM.
  5. Friday at 1:30 is the games Winners Awards Ceremony.

Billie will be out for 4-6 weeks for surgery, starting April 6. She asks us to Please have any announcements for the May newsletter in before April 5. Jan Carbaugh will be helping out part time in the office.

Committee reports were given:

  • Bingo had no representative present.
  • Computer Club will meet on March 24 to discuss Google Drive, Windows 10, Cloud Services, and the usual Q&A session.
  • Country Breakfast has sold out for the third month in a row. If they prove they can serve 300 people in short order Dave Bernella will expand his “maximum” from 250 to 300 during the winter months.
  • Dance’s next one is March 25 with Rick Arnold. Toe Jam Band has been re-booked for March 24, 2018. LouAnn thanked Tom for working around their schedule.
  • Decorating just finished St. Patrick’s Day, and will now work on the Church Picnic and Appreciation Days.
  • Diversions had a successful Variety show thanks to Marianne Jones and Pat Hotchkiss. Next up: the Spring Garage Sale, on March 31-April 1, Vendor Fair & Cupcake Caper on April 6, auditions for the next Broadway Lights production on May 2 & # 3. Tables are being sold for the Craft Fair and the Fall Garage sale now. This just in: Golf Cart Poker returns in April.
  • Genealogy Club has been enjoying Webinars and field trips to the LDS library.
  • Library will have many, many books for sale at the Garage Sale. February’s Blind Date with a Book is over, and was a success as always.
  • Model Yacht Club continues to sail every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Monday Coffee is going “great”.
  • Petanque has completed their annual Kings and Queens Tournament, with the Queens “kicking butt” for the third year in a row. They play daily at 1:30 and 6:30, weather permitting.
  • Pickleball hosted two major tourneys in the past month.
  • Potluck had about 50 guests last week.
  • Shuffleboard is also holding tournaments and attending them out of park. Their contribution to Appreciation Days is a game to be held next week.
  • Special Events is bringing in Sundown next Sunday, and The HoneyCreepers on April 9. They are all ready for the new season next fall, with some “neat and exciting” new acts.
  • Special Meals just finished serving St. Pat’s corned beef and cabbage, and will have a Spring dinner of ham and fixings on April 18.
  • Table Games – Barbara Boxer introduced her vice chair, Sue Crookston. They’re looking for ideas for different games to bring to the park. Suggestions are welcome.
  • TAG is aiming for March 2018 for their next production.
  • Tech Support has purchased a lot of light bulbs to tide them over for a long while. They are asking Hometown to consider buying a scissor lift so they don’t have to shove huge ladders across the floor and hope no one gets stuck on top of one or falls off. All their knees are getting old.
  • Tennis: Lessons always available. They’ve done their Appreciation Day tourney and enjoyed pizza afterward.
  • Trips & Travel continue to offer day trips, multi-day trips, and cruises. Participation is good. Many trips have waiting lists.
  • TWRTimes – we have a new feature writer for You and Your Health, and other miscellaneous assignments. There were an astounding 3541 unique hits to the site in February alone. TWRT is sponsoring a Word Game on Monday March 20 for Appreciation Days, Kristie Plank is handling it.
  • Water Volleyball is gearing up for the All-Stars vs Management tourney on Wednesday.
  • Welcome boasts 5 new members to their committee. The New Resident Social will be held on April 3, and new Chairlady Sue Vollmuth thanked Tom for the 2 Special Events tickets he donated.
  • Wood and Glass Shop: The next meeting of the Wood and Glass shop will be Tuesday, March 28 at 9:00 A.M. in the wood shop. We are currently writing bylaws for the Wood and Glass shop and are being reviewed by the officers. It is our hope that we can send them out for review by the members prior to the march meeting so a discussion can take place at that meeting, with approval at the April meeting.

Tom wrapped it up with the Chairman’s Report. He welcomed all new officers and members of any committee. He reminded us that the Year End Reports are due to Billie NOW. And he needs a few people to work in the Snack Bar and as parking attendants at the Garage Sale on April 1. Please check the Appreciation Days binder and if there’s an activity you can join, do so! Some games still need coordinators, and time is running short.

Under Unfinished Business:
Financial Committee report:
The committee has been focusing in on Article X, Finance, with respect to committees, TMAC and the relationship between the two. We felt it will be at least Fall before anything will be brought before TMAC for approval. During this time we may be contacting committees for information or input. The current Bylaws have been electronically entered and a copy of them will be sent to Billie.

TMAC members should follow the current Bylaws especially X, C, 1, Individual committee budgets. By giving TMAC a budget is the only way TMAC can plan a successful financial plan to help all committees.
All committees must submit budgets to TMAC. Paul will assist anyone who needs help doing this.

The Wall of Fame is now awaiting Hometown’s approval of a Master Painting job to cover the wall on which the Tree of Honors will be painted. The artist is ready to go as soon as the okay is given.

Comments from the Council: Bruce Eberly offered to paint the wall himself if someone bought him the paint. And Lou Ann Weix reminded us to check for overlapping activities. Case in point: A Heartland Games (not TMAC) tournament used so much ice that Dance had to go out and buy some at the last minute for their sold-out Toe Jam concert.

Adjournment was unanimously approved at 3:46. Next meeting April 19.

Shirley Kabet, Secretary
March 15, 2017

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