TMAC Minutes, April 19, 2017

Chairman Tom McKeever called us to order at 3:00, we rose for the Pledge of Allegiance. Representatives of 20 committees were present, and 15 in the audience. The meeting was broadcast out on Channel 195.

The Minutes of the March meeting were approved unanimously, motion by Paul Henry and second by Warren Smith.

The Treasurer’s Statements were handed out for approval. In addition, Treasurer Marilyn Schoppenhorst reported that the annual audit has been completed by Bruce Eberly (Thank you!) and our income taxes have been filed appropriately.

The Activities Director’s report was given by substitute Jan Carbaugh in Billie’s absence. There wasn’t anything to report, but Jan was there.

There was no report from Park Manager Tammy either.

Committee Reports:

  • BINGO reported their charitable contributions from the 2016-17 season. The total was $3399 divided among the Veterans, Alzheimer’s Day Care, the Humane Society, and the Food Drive. Another $3485 was paid out to residents in 50/50 winnings over the year. They will take their summer break after Memorial Day, and resume in September.
  • COMPUTER CLUB’s next main topic will be Windows 10’s “Creators Update” and File History and System Restore. Next meeting: April 28 at 2 PM.
  • COUNTRY BREAKFAST will keep going all summer long.
  • DANCE – no report
  • DECORATING did a lovely job for Easter and stands ready to help anyone during the summer.
  • DIVERSIONS sponsored the Garage Sale which netted $1707 for TMAC. They ran the Vendor Fair and Cupcake Caper, the next Vendor Fair will be in the winter months to catch more residents. Cupcake Caper was a huge success. Next up: May 10, Golf Cart Poker Run, with an indoor course in the clubhouse for those with mobility or vision impairments, or those who have no golf cart. Volunteers are needed, sign up sheet is on the Credenza. Two original plays will be presented in Reader’s Theater style at the end of June, auditions will be held May 2 and 3 in the clubhouse. An afternoon of Sevens will be held on June 7. Plans are in the works for Independence Day festivities, including a parade, Americana trivia, pot luck, etc. There will be an Educator’s Appreciation Party in August.
  • GENEALOGY has decided not to run the lunch counter at the Craft Fair. They may still do the coffee and donuts if no one else steps forward.
  • LIBRARY had a good day at the Garage Sale, and thanks all of us who bought books.
  • MODEL YACHT CLUB – no report.
  • MONDAY COFFEE – numbers are dwindling but they’ll be there every week.
  • PETANQUE will be switching to the summer schedule shortly. No more tournaments until October.
  • PICKLEBALL – no report.
  • POT LUCK – Anna May thanked all her helpers.
  • SHUFFLEBOARD will change to their summer hours on May 1. They’ll be starting at 9:30 and playing only 2 games. Anyone can come play at any time. Equipment is in the shed.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS – Season tickets are still $70 for residents, or $10 for individual shows. Good acts are coming up.
  • SPECIAL MEALS served their Spring dinner last night, and now will rest until the Fall. They thanked Decorating and the Tech Committee for their work.
  • TABLE GAMES – no report
  • TAG – Information about the committee is on the credenza, next production is in March 2018.
  • TECH SUPPORT – They’ve identified the problem with the projector and will try to fix it. They’ve put in requests for a screens and projectors, for at least $26,000, Hometown America has put off their request for another year.
  • TENNIS is still on the same schedule for now, Monday – Friday at 9 AM. It will be changing as snowbirds leave. Lessons are available.
  • TRIPS & TRAVEL – no report
  • TWR TIMES – will keep going all year, send us your news stories and classified ads. Still selling business card ads, contact Nancy Foley for details.
  • WATER VOLLEYBALL – Still going strong, will accept a challenge from Management for a rematch anytime… Ben Davis thanked all the guys who helped clean up the TMAC room after the garage sale.
  • WELCOME – 20 new residents came to the Social on April 3. Several speakers from the park were there with information.
  • WOOD AND GLASS will be building a bulletin board for the Petanque courts this summer. Their final meeting of the season will be April 25 at 9 AM.

Chairman’s Report:

  • The collection for James, the park worker whose wife was so very ill approached $2400, and he has sent a gracious thank you message to all of us.
  • Chairmen from the 2016-17 season: If you haven’t done your year end reports, they are past due! Get them to Billie’s office ASAP.
  • The Diversions committee is picking up some of our old favorite activities and instigating new ones. All this means they are always in need of volunteers. You don’t have to join the committee to help out in one or more events. Contact Bob Larocque or Betsey Ellis to offer your time.

Unfinished Business:
The Wall of Fame wall is now painted, and the names of the first honorees will be revealed in May.

The Financial Review Committee will be meeting on April 27 for the last time. They feel they’ve made significant inroads in solving our long-term money situation. When the By-Law Review is complete the information will be disseminated to all chairmen. Voting on any changes will take place after we’ve all had time to examine the committee’s work.

New Business:
Paul Henry moved we suspend TMAC meetings for May, June, July, and August. Seconded by everyone but Tom. Motion passed by acclamation.

There were no comments from the board or the audience, so we adjourned raucously. Motion by Warren Smith and Second by Betsey Ellis.

Submitted for approval,
Shirley Kabet, Secretary
April 19, 2017

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