June 2017 Congregational Meeting


Al Foley called meeting to order at 9:00 am. There were 15 in attendance.

Howard Lowry offered opening prayer.

Sharon Underdah read the minutes from the April meeting. Nancy Foley moved to approve the minutes as read. Dean Williams seconded and the motion was approved.

Helen Fitzhugh read the treasurer’s reports from April and May. Lois Williams moved to accept the reports (pending year end audits). Dean Williams seconded and motion was approved.

Bill Phillips reported on the Highland Youth Camp. There were 21 boys present last week. Bill would like to offer the boys a book from Little Lambs. He will check to see if there are any available. Mrs. Mitchell (a parent) will send pictures of the baptism ceremony to Bill.

Helen reported there was $5,250.00 available for missions this quarter. Sue Cornelius moved to dispense the money for missions, Ruth Phillips seconded and motion was approved.

Al Foley reported that Pastor Bill made 49 visits last month.

June George reported the knitting group. Sandy Radawiec asked for donations for the women’s shelter. They are in need of children clothing for all ages.

Sharon Underdah reported for Sonshine group that Shirley Whitfield sent out 3 cards in May.

Al Foley reported for Pam Batey that she had 6 volunteers helping with blood pressures at Monday coffee. They checked 152 people in April.

Al Foley reported there have been 1,214 hits on Pastor Bill’s sermons on Tanglewood Times from January through May.
Nancy Foley moved to adjourn the meeting, June George seconded and motion approved.

Howard Lowry offered closing prayer.

Next congregation meeting will be September 13, 2017 at 9:00 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Underdah, Secretary

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