Shirley Kabet (Volunteering in Tanglewood)

Shirley Kabet describes herself as “Lazy, Egotistical, Procrastination, Grudge-holding, Snappish, Competitive”

.  .  .

Well, maybe not .  .   .   .

Since coming to Tanglewood from Waukesha, Wisconsin, in 2002, she’s participated in at least 18 activities. Shirley likes to help “make things run better”, and often serves as an officer. This year she’s chair of one club, secretary for two, and treasurer of another.

Shirley has especially enjoyed serving as chair of the Newsletter Committee for five years. She always been good with words, and does minor editing, makes suggestions for articles, and encourages new writers. She started the “Word of the Week” feature and often covers community events herself.

Shirley serves as secretary of both the Computer Club and TMAC. The Computer Club meets the fourth Friday of each month. John McKinney describes new software and sends a newsletter to help keep members up to date on club business and techie topics.  “All I do there,” Shirley confessed, “is take notes and write up the minutes. Frankly, I don’t understand 10% of what John is trying to teach us.”

Being secretary of the for Tanglewood Master Activities Committee can be challenging. TMAC was formed to coordinate activities and to simplify handling their finances in a single account. Committee membership is voluntary.  Except during the summer, the various committee chairs meet monthly when each reports its current activities. This is followed by a general business meeting and open discussion. All residents of Tanglewood are welcome to attend. The challenge for Shirley, as secretary, is to record each committee report along with any old and new business.

As treasurer of the Diversions Committee (formerly called Special Activities), Shirley has volunteered for many occasional activities. For some ten years Shirley’s run the Craft Fair – a big job in itself. She initiated and runs the Spelling Bee, the Scavenger Hunt, and, for Resident Appreciation Days, both Tiddly Winks and Word Games. She has also worked with Golf Cart Poker, and Sevens.

Shirley has always been busy. Before coming to Tanglewood she worked as a Resident Aide at an Alzheimer assisted living facility. While taking dancing lessons, she met Ken, whom she married in 1974. They have one child. Their daughter sang at Carnegie Hall while her proud parents attended.

Many residents may have met Shirley in her activities. Here’s present and past ones that she lists for herself. (‘Ctee’ means ‘committee’.)

Activities: (TMAC)  

Quilting Ctee, Chair 3 years:  Special Activities Ctee, Chair, 3 years:  TWRTimes Chair, 5 years:  Diversions Treasurer, 1 year:  Broadway Lights Actor:  Computer Club Secretary, 2 years:   Breakfast Ctee, 7 years:  Ran the Spelling Bee for 12-13 years:  Ran the Craft Fair for 10-11 years.

Non-TMAC Activities:

Water Aerobics, Power Walking, Dog Club, Tuesday Needlecrafters, Variety Shows, Coordinator of the Monthly Food Drives, Resident Appreciation Day Game Leader (Tiddly Winks and Word Games), Just starting a new thing, being a Reading Pal at Memorial Elementary School


Reading, Crocheting, Sewing, Word Games, Cats, Napping, Baking Bread

How does Shirley ever find time to volunteer for so many activities!

You may contact Shirley at .


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