September 2017 New Residents

Welcome News – September 18, 2017

Meet Mike and Jane Klindworth








1668 Primrose Lane (Wildflower)

Cell Phones: Mike: 314-221-5065 and Jane: 314-915-4092


The Klindworth’s come to us from St. Louis, Missouri and have only been with us a very short time.  Just in time for the hurricane!  Mike spent over 27 years as a Tile Setter/Marble Mason.  You may wonder if he was any good. In 2008 he won the Best Tile Setter in the US!  That should answer that question.  Jane was a Sr. Compliance Officer for Edward Jones. Mike loves fishing, hunting, bike riding, ping pong and darts.  Jane loves swimming, walking and water aerobics.  I’m sure once they get settled, they will find other things they will be interested in.  Mike and Jane will be with us year-round.

Meet Mary and Paul Osborne








1661 Primrose Lane (Wildflower)

Cell Phones: Mary: 270-849-4546 and Paul: 270-849-4547


The Osborne’s are from Campbellsville, Kentucky.  Paul started his career as a Math teacher for 13 years then became a Real Estate Broker for over 35 years.  Mary was an Elementary teacher and owned an Antique Store. They will be with us seasonally.  Paul loves to read, ride bikes, fish and play cards.  Mary loves to sew, decorate, play cards, swim, walk and cook.  They can’t wait to get started doing the things they love to do.

Please welcome the Osborne’s and the Klindworth’s to our Tanglewood Family. It is not every new resident that gets to go through a really bad hurricane!

Welcome News – September 4, 2017

We started the month on Labor Day with one new resident at the welcome table. Homes are continuing to sell throughout the summer and the Welcome Committee has been welcoming  new residents.  Please take the time to welcome our new residents since they may just be your next best friend!

Meet Sandra Lippincott










2221 Woods and Water Court (Bayside)

Cell Phone: 863-202-5405

Sandra comes to us via Rhode Island and will be with us year round. Before retiring, Sandra was a political science teacher and then a designer, as her second career. She loves to travel and has camped at all the National Parks. Sandra has a number of hobbies which include photography, sewing, painting, gardening, cooking and reading. She has been here less than a week. Please welcome her and make her part of our Tanglewood family.

Who To Contact?
The Welcome Committee has created a list of groups, clubs, committees, and other helpful information to help all new residents and/or those that have been here awhile learn what is available in Tanglewood. We call this the “Who to Contact” list. This is updated throughout the year as new groups, clubs or committees are formed and information of existing groups change. Note the date on the right hand bottom of the document which shows the last date changed. All new residents that we visit are given a copy of this list but since this list can change, the latest version is on the Home page of Twrtimes. Just look on the left side under Upcoming Events and click on the Who to Contact link under Welcome Committee.

Leaving for the Summer or for a month or more?

For those that leave for the summer, we want to make sure people taking off for the summer or who will be gone a month or more have a copy of our Check Off List for Closing Your Tanglewood Home For The Summer_PDF.  This gives many tips on what needs to be done to make sure you find your home in good shape, when you return.

General Information For All New Residents

All new homeowners and those on the “lease to buy” program are visited in their home by a member of the Welcome Committee. A Welcome Bag is provided with information that will help them learn about what is going on in Tanglewood during that visit. Information about the surrounding area is also included with various giveaways from local banks, hospitals, and the Chamber of Commerce. Business cards and/or flyers from other Tanglewood residents who offer a product or service are also included as well as some outside vendors.
Be our guests at Monday Morning Coffee in the main clubhouse at the Welcome Table starting at 8 AM. Just look for the big yellow welcome sign on the table near the front door inside the hall. Get introduced to everyone, have your picture taken and learn what will be going on in the park. It is also a great time to ask any questions you may have. Please bring your badge and coffee cup. The Monday Morning Coffee meeting starts at 8:30 AM. What is going to happen in the upcoming week(s) is announced. If any changes are made on the weekly calendar, it is also announced at this time. It is a great way to meet your neighbors and become a part of the community whether you are here for a short time or forever!
If you are a new RVer in the Outback, please join us at the Welcome Table at 8 AM. We want to meet and greet you. If you have any questions as an RVer, call or visit Les and Arlene Thayer who work for Hometown America as Outback Hosts during the winter months. Call them at 863-585-1075 or visit them at 749 Elephant Walk (in a cabin). Once at Monday Morning Coffee, get a copy of the Welcome Committee’s “Who to Contact List” and “Welcome To Tanglewood”.
Tickets for most events are sold before and after Coffee in the main hall. Many of the tickets are also available at the Activities Director’s Office during the weekdays. Want to pick up a customized Tanglewood Tervis Mug? Buy one from the Activities Director’s Office. The RV/Business office does NOT sell any tickets.
Any questions call Sue Vollmuth, Welcome Committee Chairman, at 810-252-5415 or see her at the Welcome Table on Monday mornings at coffee.

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