Bloody Bucket Road

October is a time for goblins and things that go bump in the night.

So, its October and time for things creepy. And I found a very sinister story indeed in our nearby Wachula!

A paved road runs south off Main Street in Wachula and doesn’t look at all threatening in the daytime. But drive further on, cross the bridge and things will look very different in the moonlight.

Many years ago, a woman came down from Georgia with her husband and settled in Wachula. She served as a midwife for the community and allegedly delivered several hundred babies. In her opinion, some families had too many children to feed; so she decided to help out by eliminating a few at birth!  Some say she did the horrible things she did because she never really got over having her own children taken away from her while a slave. It was also rumored that she was slowly losing her mind. Whatever the cause, she began suffocating and killing the babies she delivered just as they were being born. She would take the babies down to the river where she would bury their bodies along the bank, she would then walk to a nearby bridge where she would dump buckets of blood from the delivery into the water. This bridge was called Bloody Bucket Bridge and the road  carried over the name.  Because no one could prove she was actually murdering the children and they weren’t just still-born, she was never arrested. It is claimed that she would sit beside a bucket which would slowly fill with the blood of all the murdered children.  She would go the bridge and empty the bucket into the (Peace) river below but the bucket continued to fill with blood.  One day she fell into the river and drowned and the river ran red with blood for days.

If you’re looking for some “fun” this Halloween, Bloody Bucket Road is really called Rhinehardt or Rinehart Pass Road. But don’t go alone!

Source: Weird Florida, Charlie Carlson, Sterling Publishing, 2005


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