The Night Before Irma

The Night Before Irma

Twas the night before Irma all through the clubhouse
The creatures were stirring and scurrying about
They talked and laughed, even learned a few names
Some singing and dancing and playing card games

But in the wee hours when tucked into bed
Came visions of hurricane winds in their head
Blankets were laid on air beds and chairs
In hope their friends would soon join them there

Some had C-PAPS and others, PJs
They were snoring and snorting, in so many ways
When out in the kitchen there arose such a clatter
I jumped off my cot to see what was the matter

Then what did my wandering eyes did appear
Busy men and women who had all volunteered
They brewed coffee, baked cookies, served fresh fruit and cakes
Salads and pasta, soup too, It smelled great

The wind, now growling and roaring to warn us
Irma was here and the worst lay before us
So we grabbed a few snacks, a drink, one or two
No alcohol allowed, but rum cake would do 

She circled for hours around Tanglewood
Up to Category 4, our shelter withstood
 Through prayers and stamina our community was safe
The Lord had His hand on all sections that day

As reports came in they listened in vain
Now Carefree, then Outback and Big Sky too
Whistle Stop, Bayside and Wildflower the same
All with no power and Irma to blame

The Dreamcatcher folks had no power too
But theirs came back first, with the hospital crew
To the top of the roof and top of the walls
Men checked for leaks, due to the squalls

Then a big Georgia truck full of food galore
Drove to the clubhouse and opened their doors
I smiled and took photos as God’s plan unfolded
With tears in our eyes; the truck they unloaded

They spoke kind words, then we went to work
Unloading water melons; Whooo-eee; what a perk!
Some tempers got hot, some misunderstood
But our faith in God turned it all into good

So what have we learned from our neighbor, our brother
Have patience, forgiveness, and be kind to each other

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