TMAC Minutes, September 20, 2017

The first meeting of the Tanglewood Master Activities Committee after the summer break was held at 3:00 today. Due to the hurricane that passed through here last week, attendance was sparse. Chairman Tom McKeever called us to order and we stood to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Thirteen Committee representatives were present, and about 14 in the audience. The meeting was broadcast out to the community on Channel 195.

The Secretary’s Minutes of the April meeting were accepted as submitted. Motion by Jan Carbaugh and Seconded by Betsey Ellis. Passed unanimously.

The Treasurer’s Reports were distributed for examination. Motion to accept them was made by Shirley Kabet, Seconded by Lowell Condon, passed unanimously.

Park Manager Tammy Martin gave us an update of hurricane repairs: The maintenance crews have been working like fury to clear downed trees and branches from the common areas. They are taking the debris to the city’s dump site on Schumacher Road.

Residents can leave their storm debris in front of their houses.

The pool refinishing should be done by the end of next week, or the week after at the latest. Those contractors also lost several working days due to Hurricane Irma.

Betsey Ellis asked when the stage would be cleared off, as Broadway Lights is scheduled to resume their play practice next week. Tammy agreed Tuesday may be a workable date.

Activities Director Billie Lopez announced the cancellation of tonight’s Bash and tomorrow’s Flapjack Breakfast.

She also promised that Hometown America would replace all the paper goods and plasticware used by the volunteer hurricane respite crews over the past 2 weeks. She just needs someone to let her know what needs to be ordered. She also promised us a joke for each TMAC meeting going forward.

Tom McKeever gave a brief Chairman’s Report: and thanked Tammy and Billie for their support of the residents over the past two weeks of uncertainty. And if you have anything upcoming that you want the residents to know about (especially those still out of town) send the information to the, and they’ll get it posted.

The Committee Reports were given:

  • BINGO: No report
  • COMPUTER CLUB: No report
  • COUNTRY BREAKFAST: Cancelled the September meal, tickets sold for September will be honored for the October Breakfast on the 21st. If you have a ticket and can’t make it in October see Rita at a Monday Coffee for a refund.
  • DANCE: Last week’s scheduled dance was held, with Dennis and Wendy Jager donating their services. $197 was raised for the Peace River Women’s Shelter, to be used for socks and undies for the children.
  • DECORATING: They did all the summer events, and did them well. Soon it will be time for the autumn colors to come out. If you or your group want special decorations for an event, you just need to contact one of the officers. Your only cost would be for items they have to buy.
  • DIVERSIONS: The Murder Mystery scheduled for next weekend must be postponed, probably until November. Acting and Playwriting Classes are also postponed. Tanglewood Live Improv and Open Mike Night is scheduled for Oct. 21, a sign up sheet will be posted. A new card game, “Screw Your Neighbor” will be introduced on Oct. 24. There are still tables left for the Craft and Hobby Fair on Nov. 11.
  • GENEALOGY will hold its first meeting of the season on November 1.
  • LIBRARY reported that they sustained some damage from flooding during the hurricane, but people can use the room if they are very careful. The volunteers who helped save the books during the shelter time were greatly appreciated.
  • MODEL YACHT CLUB: No report
  • MONDAY COFFEE: Jan and her diminished crew scrambled to find enough sweets to feed all the folks who came for Coffee on Monday, including those who had been staying overnight in the Clubhouse. If you’d like to help them out, even for just a few weeks until the snowbirds are back, it would be appreciated.
  • PETANQUE: No report
  • PICKLEBALL: Management was thanked for taking care of the courts before and during the storms.
  • POTLUCK: September was cancelled, October 10 is the next one.
  • SHUFFLEBOARD: No report
  • SPECIAL EVENTS: Season tickets remain at $70 for residents, will be on sale at Monday Coffees and Billie’s office.
  • SPECIAL MEALS: No report
  • TABLE GAMES: No report
  • TANGLEWOOD ACTORS’ GUILD: Planning meeting for the 2018 season will be Nov. 8, come if you have any interest in any part of the process.
  • TECH SUPPORT: No report
  • TENNIS: Some people are playing, but most of the snowbirds haven’t arrived yet.
  • TRIPS AND TRAVEL: No report
  • Although we couldn’t post anything while the power was out for that week, our readership was still high. Look for hurricane coverage now that we can work again.
  • WELCOME: No report
  • WOOD AND GLASS: No report

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Paul Henry of the Financial Planning and By-Law Update Committee is out of town, but we are assured we’re “okay at this time”, financially.

Work will continue on these important projects:

The Tanglewood Wall of Fame is still seeking nominees for next year’s honors. Any current or former resident, living or deceased, who has contributed significantly to the place we call home, can be nominated. Billie has the forms in her office.



COMMENTS FROM THE AUDIENCE: Elaine Brown spoke for us all when she said how grateful she is to have a community like Tanglewood to live in. Amen!

Meeting adjourned at 3:35 PM, next meeting will be October 18, 2017.
Submitted by me for you all,

Shirley Kabet, Secretary
September 20, 2017

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