October 2017 New Residents

Welcome News – October 30, 2017

Meet Cindy and Gary Friar

676 Safari Hunt Drive (Outback)

Cell phones:  Cindy 407-456-4816; Gary 408-361-7457

Emails:  Cindyfriar@gmail.com  and gfriar@msn.com

Cindy and Gary come to us from Orlando and plan to be with us year round. Cindy is a civil engineer and math teacher.  Gary is an electrical engineer and is now consulting. They have many interests to pursue here in Tanglewood: quilting, woodworking, walking, bycycling, camping, travel, computer and electronics.  Welcome to our Tanglewood family.

Meet Larry and Pauline Plummer

3932 Raindance (Dream Catcher)

Phones: Home 863-385-1334; Cell 305-451-8221

Email: plummer15979@yahoo.com

Larry and Pauline hail from the Florida Keys, but originally Larry has his roots in Maine while Pauline is from Ohio. They will be with us seasonally.  Larry is retired after 30 years in the Air Force. Pauline worked with an Interior Design firm. They have many activities they want to pursue here: golf, dominoes, fishing, card games, travel and watching the Ohio State Buckeyes!

Meet Reggie and Marie Rancourt

2291 Woods and Water Ct (Bayside)

Phone, cell: 207-649-6449

Email: moreg2013@gmail.com

Reggie and Marie come to us from the state of Maine and will be with us six or more months each year. Marie was an executive secretary and Reggie was a laborer.  They enjoy golf, cooking and yoga and want to try lots of new things.  We are happy to have you with us!

Meet Mike and Judy Mackowiak

1574 Tanglewood Circle (Tanglewood Circle)

Phone: Home 863-451-5599; Cell Mike 260-433-5144

Email: JKMackow@gmail.com

Mike and Judy are from Fort Wayne, Indiana and will be with us approximately five months of the year. Mike worked for Farm Bureau Insurance and Judy was a teacher.   Mike wants to get involved in golf and Bridge while Judy wants to try Mahjongg, swimming and also loves Bridge.  We’re happy you’ve joined us in paradise.


Welcome News – October 23, 2017

Meet Jerry and Verline Marvis

3335 Bear Tooth Pass (Big Sky)

Cell phone: 309-840-2766

Email:  verlinemartis@yahoo.com

Jerry and Verline hail from Illinois and will be with us seasonally. Verline worked for Pekin Insurance in the accounting department. Jerry was a truck driver.  She loves swimming, sewing, reading and playing games.  Jerry is a golfer.  They may want to join a Bible study group.  We welcome them into our Tanglewood family.


Welcome News – October 16, 2107

Meet Sandy and Herman Kent

1938 Sunflower Circle (Wildflower)

Cell phones: Sandy 269-377-7618;  Herman 616-291-3988

Email: sandyblett@yahoo.com; hakpacker@gmail.com

Sandy and Herman come to us from Michigan and will be with us seasonally! Sandy worked at Greenbay Packing in Kalamazoo for 30 years as Customer Service Manager. Herman spent 40 years at Kent Companies, a concrete business, as General Superintendent. He retired just two weeks ago.They love karaoke, pickleball, golf and riding motorcycles.  Sandy and Herman met sixteen months ago.  Both were widowed after over 40+ years of marriage with their “first loves”.  They believe their deceased spouses were a large part of their union in marriage on June 3, 2017.  This special date was also Herman’s birthday. Thanks for joining our Tanglewood family.

Meet Janet and Luis Fonseca (Luis is not in photo)

1730 Primrose Lane (Wildflower)

Cell phone: 585-733-1672;  Luis 585-733-1764

Email: jan_fonseca4@yahoo.com

Janet and Luis are from Rochester NY.  She arrived early to clean and set up their new home and will head back for the holidays.  They will both return in January.  Janet served as Branch Manager for Monroe County Auto License Bureau;  Luis is a retired sheet metal worker.  Janet loves Rubber Stamping, riding bicycles, water aerobics, and shopping!  She’d love to find friends to play 9-point Pitch (card game) and/or Dominoes.  We welcome them both to Tangelwood!


Welcome News – October 9, 2017

Meet Lauren and Gorgon Adams

1526 Tanglewood Circle (Tanglewood Circle)

Home Phone:  863-304-8825

Cell Phone:   863-273-4056

Email: LaurelAdams@comcast.net

Lauren and Gordon hail from Burlington KY and will be with us year round in Tanglewood!  Gordon is retired from the Air Force; he also worked in retail sales. Lauren worked at a TV station in Cincinnati for 36 years.  They love to travel and want to participate in everything they can here in Tanglewood. “We are so happy to be here!”


Meet Lourdes R. Izquierdo

4020 Rain Dance (Dream Catcher)

Home Phone: 863-658-1004

Cell Phone: 305-218-5791

Email: Disneylula2017@yahoo.com

Lourdes was originally born in Caracas Venezuela before coming to the States in her mid-20s.  She trained the characters at DisneyWorld for several years!  Next she moved to Bank of America.  She is now retired and living here with her mother.  Lourdes is interested in music, art, reading, and crafts.  She speaks fluent Spanish.  We welcome her into our Tanglewood family.


Welcome News – October 2, 2017

Meet J.D. and Connie White

1550 Tanglewood Circle (Tanglewood Circle)

Cell phones:  JD 502-598-1046;  Connie 502-422-1855

Email: conniewhite@yahoo.com

J.D. (that’s his real name!) and Connie White bought their house on the Circle and will be with us year round!  They come from a small town near Taylorsville KY and neither have ever moved out of their state – til now!  JD retired from Louisville Transit as the Maintainence Department Supervisor.  Connie was a bookkeeper for Walgreens.  JD is interested in learning wood working.  They like golf, when they’re able!  They are aldo interested in playing Bingo, Bunko, card games and board games. Together they have 3 daughters and 9 grandchildren. JD is a Vietnam Vet.  We welcome them into out Tanglewood family.


Who To Contact?

The Welcome Committee has created a list of groups, clubs, committees, and other helpful information to help all new residents and/or those that have been here awhile learn what is available in Tanglewood. We call this the “Who to Contact” list. This is updated throughout the year as new groups, clubs or committees are formed and information of existing groups change. Note the date on the right hand bottom of the document which shows the last date changed. All new residents that we visit are given a copy of this list but since this list can change, the latest version is on the Home page of Twrtimes. Just look on the left side under Upcoming Events and click on the Who to Contact link under Welcome Committee.

Leaving for the Summer or for a month or more?

For those that leave for the summer, we want to make sure people taking off for the summer or who will be gone a month or more have a copy of our Check Off List for Closing Your Tanglewood Home For The Summer_PDF.  This gives many tips on what needs to be done to make sure you find your home in good shape, when you return.

General Information For All New Residents
All new homeowners and those on the “lease to buy” program are visited in their home by a member of the Welcome Committee. A Welcome Bag is provided with information that will help them learn about what is going on in Tanglewood during that visit. Information about the surrounding area is also included with various giveaways from local banks, hospitals, and the Chamber of Commerce. Business cards and/or flyers from other Tanglewood residents who offer a product or service are also included as well as some outside vendors.
Be our guests at Monday Morning Coffee in the main clubhouse at the Welcome Table starting at 8 AM. Just look for the big yellow welcome sign on the table near the front door inside the hall. Get introduced to everyone, have your picture taken and learn what will be going on in the park. It is also a great time to ask any questions you may have. Please bring your badge and coffee cup. The Monday Morning Coffee meeting starts at 8:30 AM. What is going to happen in the upcoming week(s) is announced. If any changes are made on the weekly calendar, it is also announced at this time. It is a great way to meet your neighbors and become a part of the community whether you are here for a short time or forever!
If you are a new RVer in the Outback, please join us at the Welcome Table at 8 AM. We want to meet and greet you. If you have any questions as an RVer, call or visit Les and Arlene Thayer who work for Hometown America as Outback Hosts during the winter months. Call them at 863-585-1075 or visit them at 749 Elephant Walk (in a cabin). Once at Monday Morning Coffee, get a copy of the Welcome Committee’s “Who to Contact List” and “Welcome To Tanglewood”.
Tickets for most events are sold before and after Coffee in the main hall. Many of the tickets are also available at the Activities Director’s Office during the weekdays. Want to pick up a customized Tanglewood Tervis Mug? Buy one from the Activities Director’s Office. The RV/Business office does NOT sell any tickets.
Any questions call Sue Vollmuth, Welcome Committee Chairman, at 810-252-5415 or see her at the Welcome Table on Monday mornings at coffee.




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