Big News From the Outdoor Decorating People

Penny Irilli has important stuff for You to Know!


Will be available at Coffee on Monday, October 16th.   Cookbooks are $14 each and are filled with fantastic recipes from many good cooks in Tanglewood.  They make GREAT Christmas presents!!!

Due to the many requests we had last year, we have constructed 50 Christmas tree frames.  They are 71 inches tall and 40 inches wide, put together, painted and ready for you to string on your own lights.  Tree frames are 2/$25.  We are offering them to Tanglewood residents first before selling them at the Craft Fair.  Get yours soon.


The Outdoor Decorating Committee in partnership with Home Town America is hosting  a dance/party in the bash area (behind pool) on Sat.  November 25.    We will have a band and LIMITED beer and wine.  (Please feel free to bring some of your own). This is a celebration to kick off the Christmas season and to salute all the residents who have so generously supported our committee and our various fund raising efforts.

Come see us Light Up Tanglewood!!!    Time  7 – 9 PM

(Due to lights and cables……..there will be restricted parking)

3. As part of our “Light up Tanglewood” campaign;  the Outdoor Decorating Committee is sponsoring a decorating contest to determine who, in each neighborhood, has the best decorated property.  (No entry fee)  Judging will be done the week of Dec. 8 -16th and the WINNERS will be announced and given their prizes at coffee on Monday, December 18th.    There will be one winner for each neighborhood and one for the Circle.  It isn’t about who has the most lights……but who has decorated well as determined by an outside mystery judge. Get in the spirit and join the fun.


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