Restaurant Review – Taco Bell


I gathered a clan of friends to test out the newly remodeled Taco Bell near Olive Garden. On arrival, the restaurant had one lonely patron, but it filled up quickly with couples, single parents with children, and groups of men. Noteworthy was the very LONG and ever growing drive through line that wrapped around the building.

First, the food.  Typical Taco Bell, tasty and easy with combinations of burritos, tacos, nachos and even grilled stuffed burritos with beef, chicken or steak.  They also offered combo boxes which came with an assortment of items. The boxes seemed to appeal to the men as the portions were larger. Service was quick and they had a condiment bar with a great variety of sauces ranging from mild to “diablo” to add to the food.

Second, the decor: The restaurant was very clean and their theme was industrial! They had white washed corregated metal walls, distressed tables, and heavy metal chairs. They also had a section of raised tables with tall bar stools; this area was equipped with receptacles in which to plug your devices. There wasn’t anything to muffle sounds so loud conversations or crying children had to be contended with as you “dined”. The Halloween decorations were everywhere…a giant poster of a bloody hospital scene complete with cleavers was right behind the ordering counter.  Eww.  The employees were into it and in costume!  Realistic rubber and plastic bugs were everywhere…not funny in a restaurant!  And, I walked thru a fake spiderweb as I was heading to a table!

If you like Taco Bell, this is a good example of the chain.  If you like Tex-Mex fast food, give it a try.  If you’re looking for really authentic Mexican fare with real masa tortillas, this isn’t it.


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