Corn Hole Baseball Season Final Scores

It’s been a great season for our new favorite pass time at the clubhouse on Wednesday nights. Corn Hole Baseball, started by Jay & Robin Etherton, has hit a home run with this new game. Teams formed and captains were appointed. Jay had the corn hole baseball boards made and Home Town America paid for several of them. It’s a game nearly everyone can play. You must have at least 6 people on a team.

The holes in the board are similar to regular corn hole, but with a few twists. There’s a Foul area at the bottom of the board, First base, Second Base, HR (Home Run), Third Base, and two holes for an ‘Out’.  Each player gets three canvas bags, weighing about 1 lb each. The player has to stand behind the taped line, which is regulation 20 feet away from the board, and toss it into one of the holes. Wherever it lands is where the player goes. First, Second, and Third base are actually chairs set up in a diamond shape surrounding the board.  Three Tries to get on base. If not, then you’re out. Three outs and the opposing team gets ‘up to bat’. There can be no less than 6 or more than 9 players on a team.

Some teams went so far as to name themselves and get shirts to wear. Commissioner, Greg Plank, begins the games with a pledge of allegiance and then the national anthem if the sound booth is operating. Two teams are paired up to play each other twice. Once as the home team and once as the visitors.  Scores are Tallied after each game by the Commissioner, Greg Plank.  Greg has done a fantastic job of scheduling the games and setting up the boards ahead of time so play can begin at 6:00 pm to usually around 7:15 – 7:30 pm.  There are five-six boards with 9 players on each team. Two teams each play two games. Do the math; and with 9 per team, with ten-12 teams = 90-120 players, at least in attendance. If you just want to come and watch, that’s okay too. They usually need a few ‘subs’ to fill in for missing players.  The games have been going on for 9 weeks. The season ended on Wednesday, Oct. 25th  and here are the results:  Final Rankings:

Team               Wins          Losses

Cubbies               14              4

Sandbaggers       12              6

Sombodies          11               7

FireCrackers       10               8

Braves                 10              8

Cherry Bombs       9               9

Gators                   6              12

Phillies                  6              12

Tornados               4              14

While the snowbirds come home to roost, they are invited to come and play as substitutes for the teams.  In January we will be holding a World Series Tour, setting up two sets of teams.  One for the full timers and one for the snowbirds.  They will have  to learn how to play and pick out their teams.

Its a great game where you can visit, eat a few snacks, and be finished by 7:30 pm. Then, the celebration usually continues to Dairy Queen for their half price ice cream at 8:00 pm! YUM!


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