Book Bingo Is Back!!

November 1st marks the starting date of Book Bingo!

What is Book Bingo?  How do you play Book Bingo?  Just keep reading and follow the easy steps for this fun activity.

How to Play Book Bingo

Stop in Tanglewood’s library

Pick up a Book Bingo Card

Select a book from the thousands on the shelves

Read the book

Fill in the appropriate square

Repeat steps 2-5 until you have earned a Bingo by filling in five spaces

either diagonally, vertically or horizontally

Place completed Bingo Card in the wooden box in the library

Select a new Book Bingo Card and follow steps 1-8

Continue this process until January 28, 2018

A lucky entrant will be drawn each month of the activity to win a prize.  If you are not a monthly winner, fear not.

Your entry will be put back in the running for one of the great final prizes at Coffee on Monday, January 29.

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