November 2017 New Residents

Welcome Table

Welcome Table – November 20, 2017

There were no new residents at coffee today but so far this year 75 homes in Tanglewood have been sold.  Don’t forget to buy your Tanglewood Mug that the Monday Morning Coffee Committee is selling at cost ($20). It is a Tervis mugs with our Tanglewood decal. 

Tanglewood’s Tervis Mug is made in the USA.  Since the mug is insulated, it reduces condensation and keeps beverages hotter or colder longer than non-insulated cups and glasses. Tervis offers a lifetime warranty!  Keep your mug in the freezer, so you can have a cold one anytime you want.  Bring it to a bash or fire ring for your beer, soda, wine or any beverage.  Drink your coffee or tea in your mug at Monday Morning Coffee and enjoy!  Pick one or two up from the Activities Director’s Office. It is a great way to become even more a part of Tanglewood!


Welcome Table – November 13, 2017

Meet Steve and Toni Albert







1636 Primrose Lane (Wildflower)

Phone: Steve 812-360-4907; Toni 812-360-4908


Steve and Toni hail from Indiana and will be with us year round.  They are still moving from their Lake Placid house and aren’t quite settled here yet. Steve is a retired program manager/engineer at Lockheed Martin.  Toni loves quilting, beading, and rug hooking.  Steve is into fishing and they both love RVing. We welcome them to Tanglewood.

Meet Roger and Charlotte Courville

550 Wilderness Circle (Outback)

Phone: 203-494-3112


Roger and Charlotte are from Connecticut and are not sure yet if they will be seasonal or year round.  Let’s show them how great it is here! Roger is retired from Pratt & Whitney Aircraft.  Welcome!

Meet Tamara Szyndler and Michael Murphy

597 Wilderness Circle (Outback Homes)

Cell Phone: 702-526-2811


Coming to us from Las Vegas, they will be reverse seasonal residents!  What does that mean?  They will winter in Las Vegas and summer in Tanglewood.  Tamara is retired from the Mirage and Michael from Smith Grocery.  They enjoy RVing, cornhole baseball, cards, euchre, exercise, walking, reading and golf.  We’re delighted to have you with us in Tanglewood.

Meet Robert and Jan DeRoller

1989 Sawgrass (Wildflower)

Phone: 863-464-0004


Originally from Spencer Port, NY, Robert and Jan have lived in Lake Placid since 1995. They will be with us year round. They are retired from being an assessor (real property appraiser) in Hamlin, NY and also a sheet metal assistant foreman in Rochester NY.  Jan taught Line Dancing for 7 years until she developed a hip problem. She likes to play Farmtown and used to grow pineapples in Lake Placid.  Bob loves to cruise on Princess.  They have two children, no grandkids, no pets.  They are married for 57 3/4 years.  Welcome to Tanglewood!

Meet Judith Miller

1010 Carefree Parkway (Carefree)

Phone: 412-480-3994


Judith is from Bridgewater PA and will be with us seasonally.  She retired from Mellon Bank as Cash Management Officer and also was a AAA Travel-Tour Manager. She loves travel, gardening, sewing and cooking. She is step-mother to Ben Romsberg in Tanglewood.  Judith has 2 sons, Donald Lohr and Erik Lohr (deceased), five grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren, and two Yorkies named Lily and Xena.  We welcome her into our Tanglewood family.

Meet Susan McCoy and Kathryn Zipper

1556 Tanglewood Circle (Tanglewood Circle)

Cell Phone: 309-210-2475


Susan and her mother, Kathryn, are from Illinois and will be with us year round. Susan retired from the world of banking; her husband retired from Caterpillar.  Kathryn loves to read and do puzzles.  Susan would love to try Pickleball, Euchre, woodworking and stained glass noting that she needs to take classes!  Susan says she is “so happy to be here!  This is a very friendly park!”  We’re happy you’re here, too!

Meet Bill andn Kendra Sloan

3137 Going to the Sun (Big Sky)

Phone: 506-962-5933


Bill andn Kendra hail from Moncton,New Brunswick, Canada and will be with us seasonally.  Bill is retired from sales; Kendra is happily NOT retired.  She will be in and out of the park.  Bill loves to play golf.  Kendra is into outdoor sports, reading, travel and crafts.  They have two children, Dustin, a son, and Shannon, a daughter.  They are not grandparents!  Welcome to Tanglewood.

Meet Linda Beardsley

3144 Going to the Sun (Big Sky)

Phone: 703-850-5839


Linda is from Northern Virginia and Long Island, NY. She will be a year round resident.  She was an x-ray technician, as well as cat scan tech andn ultrasound tech.  She plans to enjoy water volleyball, line dancing, water aerobics, cooking, computer club, and is an artist.  Linda says she is shy, at least she used to be, but she is happy.  Oh, yes, she is single!  Welcome, Linda.


Welcome Table- November 6, 2017

Meet Darrell and Pat (Patricia) Trebec

1036 Carefree (Carefree)

Cell Phones: Darrell 440-487-8390; Pat 440-278-1093


Darrell and Pat bought their house and moved to Tanglewood from Cleveland Ohio and will be with us seasonally.  Darrell was in construction as an estimator and project manager. Pat was involved in real estate and banking. They love all outdoor activities as well as reading, crafts, and travel. Pat would like to try line dancing and acting! During the summer months they live in Geneva, Ohio. They have 7 children, 16 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren. They belong to the F.O.E. in Geneva.  They have been on 15 cruises, toured England and Ireland, and have seen several states too.  Darrell is a veteran and they both love history.  Welcome to Tanglewood!

Meet Jay and Deborah Bowers

1970 Sawgrass Trail (Wildflower)

Home phone: 863-304-8554

Cell phones: Jay 603-219-4959; Deb 603-832-4741

Emails: Jay; Deb

Jay and Deb hail from Franklin, NH and will be with us year round! Jay was an air traffic controller and Deb was an LNA/Telemetry Tech.  Jay loves pickelball, reading and camping. Deb is into swimming, reading, baking, cooking, yoga and pilates.  They have 3 children, all married, and 3 grandbabies, Addy, Caiden, and Sydney. They also have a seasonal campsite in Freedom, NH, where they will spend summers.  We’re delighted to have you in Tanglewood.

Meet CB Engleman and Tammy Torgersen

1735 Primrose Lane (Wildflower)

Cell phones: CB 540-430-1033; Tammy 540-849-8728


CB is originally from Staunton VA and Tammy is from Hackettstown NJ. They will be with us year round in Tanglewood! CB worked in the trucking industry and was in fire service.  Tammy was a mortgage loan officer and a used car dealer.  She has been on disability since 2010.  They love wine and beer-tasting and driving in their Corvette.  Beach trips and traveling makes them happy. Between them they have 5 children and 7 grandkids.  We are happy to have them with us!

Meet Terry and Nancy Altman

832 Crocodile Ct (Outback RV Area)

Cell phones: Nancy 630-460-0009; Terry 630-460-4006


Terry and Nancy are from Illinois and will be with us seasonally. Terry is retired from Nalco Chemical and is currently working summers at a state park in Illinois.  Nancy is working full time typing appraisals.  They love to socialize.  Nancy notes that she is computer literate.  Welcome to Tanglewood!

Who To Contact?

The Welcome Committee has created a list of groups, clubs, committees, and other helpful information to help all new residents and/or those that have been here awhile learn what is available in Tanglewood. We call this the “Who to Contact” list. This is updated throughout the year as new groups, clubs or committees are formed and information of existing groups change. Note the date on the right hand bottom of the document which shows the last date changed. All new residents that we visit are given a copy of this list but since this list can change, the latest version is on the Home page of Twrtimes. Just look on the left side under Upcoming Events and click on the Who to Contact link under Welcome Committee.

Leaving for the Summer or for a month or more?

For those that leave for the summer, we want to make sure people taking off for the summer or who will be gone a month or more have a copy of our Check Off List for Closing Your Tanglewood Home For The Summer_PDF.  This gives many tips on what needs to be done to make sure you find your home in good shape, when you return.

General Information For All New Residents
All new homeowners and those on the “lease to buy” program are visited in their home by a member of the Welcome Committee. A Welcome Bag is provided with information that will help them learn about what is going on in Tanglewood during that visit. Information about the surrounding area is also included with various giveaways from local banks, hospitals, and the Chamber of Commerce. Business cards and/or flyers from other Tanglewood residents who offer a product or service are also included as well as some outside vendors.
Be our guests at Monday Morning Coffee in the main clubhouse at the Welcome Table starting at 8 AM. Just look for the big yellow welcome sign on the table near the front door inside the hall. Get introduced to everyone, have your picture taken and learn what will be going on in the park. It is also a great time to ask any questions you may have. Please bring your badge and coffee cup. The Monday Morning Coffee meeting starts at 8:30 AM. What is going to happen in the upcoming week(s) is announced. If any changes are made on the weekly calendar, it is also announced at this time. It is a great way to meet your neighbors and become a part of the community whether you are here for a short time or forever!
If you are a new RVer in the Outback, please join us at the Welcome Table at 8 AM. We want to meet and greet you. If you have any questions as an RVer, call or visit Les and Arlene Thayer who work for Hometown America as Outback Hosts during the winter months. Call them at 863-585-1071 or visit them at 749 Elephant Walk (in a cabin). Once at Monday Morning Coffee, get a copy of the Welcome Committee’s “Who to Contact List” and “Welcome To Tanglewood”.

Tickets for most events are sold before and after Coffee in the main hall. Many of the tickets are also available at the Activities Director’s Office during the weekdays. Want to pick up a customized Tanglewood Tervis Mug? Buy one from the Activities Director’s Office. The RV/Business office does NOT sell any tickets.

Any questions call Sue Vollmuth, Welcome Committee Chairman, at 810-252-5415 or see her at the Welcome Table on Monday mornings at coffee.





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