Recreational Pickle Ball For Everyone

Pickle ball is a sport developed in the 60’s.  It was created with one thing in mind…Fun.  It is easy to learn, no matter your age.

If you have ever played badminton, racquetball, tennis or ping pong; you can play pickle ball. Played on a court smaller than a tennis court, pickle ball allows players of all ages and mobility to participate in a way that larger tennis courts sometimes prohibit.

Would you like to learn to play pickle ball?  On Mondays and Thursdays on the pickle ball courts at 3pm Mel Mcdonald  is having classes for anyone interested in learning or improving their already established pickle ball skills.

If you’re new to pickle ball, all you need is comfortable sports clothes and athletic shoes. Come to the pickle ball courts and Mel will loan you a paddle to get started.  If you continue on and want to learn more about pickle ball, Mel has paddles for sale.  He will select a paddle especially designed for your skill level.

Also Mel is offering a coaching opportunity to improve on any skills you already have.  Come with a specific shot you want to work on or just let Mel tell you how to improve your game.

Whether you are a beginner or have gathered some experience; Mel will help you improve your game and get some great exercise too.

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