Christmas Latin Flan with Rum

A wonderful, smooth  Caramel Flan is perfect for a busy Christmas dessert table and an additional choice against pies or tarts. This recipe suggests making a day ahead for best results. It cuts cleanly into squares when making for a crowd. I successfully made double the recipe and used a  2” deep large roaster pan as my container serving a big group. Pouring rum over portion when serving make a festive version. Remember to read the whole recipe to make sure everything is at hand.

(1/2 recipe is printed below and can be doubled).

Recipe serves 8-10, baking pan 9×13

  • 1 cup sugar for caramel on bottom of container.
  • 8 eggs
  • 2 cans unsweetened condensed milk
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • Fresh grated nutmeg, (optional)
  • Rum


Oven 350ºF  9×13 bake pan.

  1. Melt sugar in a heavy bottom pot. Cook only to a golden brown, watch carefully,  dip bottom of pot in cold water to stop cooking. Immediately pour over bottom of baking container.
  2. Pre heat oven 350ºF
  3. Beat eggs in a large bowl to frothy, set aside.
  4. Mix condensed milk, water and vanilla.
  5. Pour into eggs. Mix and use a whisk to blend well.
  6. Strain mixture into baking mold of choice, (a dusting of fresh grated nutmeg on top is optional)
  7. Place flan in a larger pan of hot water, on lower rack in a 350 oven.
  8. Bake  45-50  minutes for smaller pan, or 1/1/2 hour for larger pan, or until knife inserted comes out clean.
  9. Cool, refrigerate at least 6 hours or best over night.
  10. Cut into squares, dress with poached berries or seasonal fruit, or pour  warmed rum over square on individual plate, flaming at each place when serving. Fun finish.


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