Snow! In Sebring?

Over 450 Tanglewood residents and friends accepted the invitation to attend the 10th annual Christmas Concert given by the Tanglewood Community Church Choir on the evening of December 3.

This year residents joined in singing a mix of the traditional Christmas songs they know and love.  They also experienced a surprise visit by Frosty the Snowman.   Concert goers also found themselves sitting back and enjoying the lighthearted musical, An Unexpected Christmas.

And unexpected it was.  The scene is Sebring’s train station.  A group of travelers are stranded due to a snow storm.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Not one of this unlikely mix of folks is happy about the situation.


When the radio announcer (Jim Reynolds) brings this problem to their attention, Alice (Norma Evans) is concerned about her kids being home alone.  Daphne (Linda Reynolds) is bored with her seatmates and just wants to get on her way. Greg (Gregg Schneider) is on his way to church where he is to be the narrator of the Christmas program.  And Hank, good ole Hank (Jay Etherton), is just a goofball!  Others waiting out the storm in the train station were Linda Sewell, Lois Williams, Marilyn Jones, and Kay Bullock.

As the wait in the train station lengthens, it isn’t long before a debate begins about the Christmas story and the miracle of Jesus.  The choir adds the musical dimension to the meaning of the play through songs that add to the powerful message about the birth of the Christ Child.

The choir, which is made up of folks who like to sing, is directed by Janice Arden.  She has been planning this concert evening for months.  Two folks who put in many, many hours were the accompanists, Merry Mary Fulton-Kelley and Ruth Pickell.  Cheryl Burnham directed the play portion of An Unexpected Christmas.  That is also a position filled with details and hours of time.

A special thank you goes out to Scott Donaldson and Steve Batey for their efforts with lighting and sound.  Thanks also to Robin Etherton as visual technician, a behind the scene job to keep everyone in the right place and the right time.

If laughter and smiles are any indicator of the success of the evening, An Unexpected Christmas and its joy filled message was a huge hit.

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