HOA December Board Meeting

HOA December Board Meeting

The Tanglewood Home Owners Association held its December Board of Director’s Meeting Wednesday night (12-20-17).  Approximately 160 residents and members were in attendance.  Sign Up sheets were on a nearby table available for members who wished to speak during any of the three Agenda Topics open for discussion. The topics were:

  1. Safety Issues- Roadways and Gates
  2. Elections- Nominating Committee
  3. Statutory – Rent Increase 2018.

As the residents walked by the forms, most declined to sign up. When asked why, several stated ‘because we agree with what they’re doing and they’re keeping us informed’.

New Faces, Committees, and Communication – Director and Chairman, Tom Guinther introduced Donna Scorse as the leader of the newly formed Membership Committee. He also recognized the recently formed Nominating Committee.The 2018 Tanglewood directory will soon be ready for delivery to each home at no cost to the resident.

Informative – The Agenda items were reviewed along with opportunity for questions from members in the audience. The HOA has a website http://tanglewoodofsebringhoa.com , and a bulletin board which posts the meeting minutes among other pertinent information. The next HOA meeting will be January 17, 2018.


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