TMAC Minutes, December 2017

Chairman Howard Salles called us to order promptly at 3:00 pm, and we rose to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

We were all asked to turn off our cell phones and refrain from private conversations during the meeting. Representatives of 21 committees were present, and 15 in the audience.

The Minutes of the November meeting were approved unanimously.

Marilyn Schoppenhorst handed out the financial statements, they were accepted for review.

Park Manager Tammy Martin gave the Manager’s Report. There is to be NO PARKING on the grass in front of the clubhouse, and this includes golf carts.

There is NO PARKING AT ALL under the canopy or in any part of the fire lane. Carts are allowed to park on the grass in other parts of the park.

Committee Chairs are asked to check the front of the building during their events and ask anyone parked wrongly to move.

Jeanette Stevens asked if Hometown would consider making more handicapped-reserved spaces, including some golf cart slots. Tammy will look into it.

Jay Etherton spoke, suggesting we have an ATM machine installed so we can reap the host’s percentage.

There is also the possibility of getting new Coke and/or Pepsi machines placed that we maintain, again for the host’s stipend.

Howard Salles asked about remote opening the gates – do you need a landline to let your guests in? Tammy – No, a cell phone will work as long as it has an 863 area code.

The Hometown offices will be closed on Monday, Dec. 25, Tuesday Dec. 26 and Monday, Jan. 1.

Billie Pimentel gave the Activities Director’s Report. She needs newsletter entries by the 15th of the month. If you don’t get your information to her on time it will not get into the newsletter.

It is easiest for her to take your info off an email or attachment, please use Times New Roman font, 12 point. Put the header in BOLD print and CAPITALIZE IT.

Scheduling your events is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. If you don’t know how to access and use Billie’s online scheduling calendar, she will teach you, it’s easy and won’t take more than 10 minutes.

Upcoming Hometown events: Jan. 24, Bash featuring Jimmy Duke. Resident Appreciation Days will be March 13 – 15, with the awards ceremony on the 16th.

Committee Reports were given next:

  • BINGO is going well, more players means bigger cash prizes. Chairman Balduff will be finalizing a set of official rules by next month. One is a given: All players must have their badge or guest pass with them to play.
  • COMPUTER Club will meet on Dec. 29, the main topic will be Windows 10 and a continuation of study of Google Docs. The Maintenance Committee had their end-of-year pizza party.
  • COUNTRY BREAKFAST sold out in December and has sold out for January already.
  • DANCE collected a van load of toys and $1065 worth of gift cards for the children under the care of the Advocacy Council. Thanks to all who donated, and special thanks to the Decorating Committee in advance of the New Year’s Eve party. The 2018 schedule is out and the 2019 schedule is being worked on.
  • DECORATING has made Tanglewood Christmas ready. Looks great all over. Decorating thanks Dance for its generous $200 donation.
  • DIVERSIONS In December they hosted an afternoon of cards, the Christmas Golf Cart Parade, and the Jazz Night, all of which were successful. In January watch for another afternoon of Sevens on the 15th and the Educator’s Appreciation Party on the 23rd. A sign up sheet will be posted. The final tally of the Fall Garage Sale was given. TMAC realized a total of $1549.17 from the sale of tables, the kitchen, and the TMAC room. More volunteers are needed for the March 9-10 sale.
  • GENEALOGY had no report.
  • LIBRARY processed 1350 new books last year and made about $100 at the Garage Sale.
  • MODEL YACHT had no report.
  • MONDAY COFFEE is going very well. They are taking two weeks off due to the holidays. Jan Carbaugh announced her retirement as of March 1, and is trusting someone will step up to run the committee.
  • PETANQUE will hold its next tournament on Jan. 6. Sign up at the Courts.
  • PICKLEBALL – no report.
  • POTLUCK – the next Potluck will be Jan. 9, the sign up book is out on the Credenza. Anna May thanks all her workers and volunteers.
  • SHUFFLEBOARD will hold its first In-Park Tournament on Dec. 29 at 10 AM. Entry fee is $3, everyone welcome. Pat reminds us that the equipment shed is always open for individual players.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS Chair Bruce Eberly has been meeting with different promoters who promise new and quality acts. He has also increased the advertising with the Highlands News-Sun paper and suggested a new page called EVENTS be added to the Tanglewood website. Billie agreed to handle ticket sales from outside the park. Upcoming shows: Re-Creation, the Showcase, and Assisted Living – the Musical all in January.
  • SPECIAL MEALS – no report.
  • TABLE GAMES – their New Year’s Eve card party will be in the Community Room, starting with a pot luck at 6:30.
  • TAG is working on their spring fashion show, still looking for some behind-the-scenes helpers.
  • TECH SUPPORT acknowledges that the right projector is showing its age. They will take it down in January and try to clean it. They’ve had a request in for new screens and projectors in with Hometown since 2016, but keep getting delayed.
  • TENNIS play continues every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 AM. Next meeting Jan. 11, at 9:00 at the courts.
  • TRIPS & TRAVEL has been getting good feedback from their travelers. Lyn reminds us all that your place is not guaranteed until the fees have been paid.
  • thanks those folks who have sent in sports-related articles. Remember to contact the editor or one of the writers when you want an event publicized.
  • WATER VOLLEYBALL come join them and have a great time.
  • WELCOME reports that 97 homes have been sold in the park this year, and all new residents are welcomed when they move in They thank the Diversions Committee for the $100 donation.
  • WOOD AND GLASS SHOP’s new Chairman Steve Batey has scheduled their next meeting for January 23 at the shop.

Under Unfinished Business – the Finance Committee is getting close to finalizing their study of TMAC’s finances and reviewing the By-Laws. Maybe by next month we’ll have a report.

Under New Business – Bruce Eberly asked if TMAC ever considered setting up a fund-raising arm to supplement its income.

Further comments from the Committee: Lyn Arvay warned us of a scam preying on seniors – the “your grandkid is in trouble and please send him money to get him out of jail/hospital/Pakistan” ploy. Lyn and her family set up a secret code word to verify the caller’s identity.

Comments from the audience – Bill Rulli said each committee needs to examine their bottom lines and raise the cost of their tickets, food, games, whatever. Special Events and Dance have already made adjustments for the future.

The meeting was adjourned unanimously. Next meeting will be Wednesday Jan. 17.

Submitted for approval,
Shirley Kabet, Secretary
December 20, 2017

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