Diversions has Plans for You

The Diversions Committee (Just Fun!) has announced its upcoming events.

Tables for the March Garage Sale will go on sale on January 8 at Coffee.  The cost has been dropped to $5 a table, limit 2 tables per family.

Come play “Sevens” on January 15.  We’ll be in the Mirrored  Room this time.  Play starts at 1:00, a quick lesson will be offered at 12:45.  Buy your chips first – a small bag is $2.00 and a large bag is $5.00.  Winners are paid in cash at the end of the game.

The “Educators Appreciation Party” will take place on January 23 at 1:00.  Anyone involved in the education process in any way is invited to come and be celebrated.  EVERYONE is invited to come and help applaud them.  There will be a game or two, a dessert and plenty of fun.  Whether you were an administrator, janitor, lunch lady, librarian, crossing guard, or volunteer room mother, you are invited.  Please sign up on the credenza so we can have enough treats for all.

The annual Spelling Bee returns on February 6.  This is oral spelling at its traditional best.  Cash prizes totalling $100 will be awarded, and all contestants will receive the giant chocolate chip cookie.  Please watch for the sign up sheet after January 10.

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