Food Pickup Has New Day

The First Friday Food pickup – that had a nice ring to it,didn’t it?  Unfortunately, right after we chose that day the garbage and recycling collections also moved to Friday.  Which led to some confusion.

Starting on February 13, the Food Pickup will be on The Second Tuesday of Each Month.  Everything else remains the same:  have your donation of non-perishable goods out on the end of your driveway by 8:30 AM. The volunteers will come around starting at 9:00 to collect your sacks.  All food collected is donated to the Parkway Food Mission, which serves many needy families and elderly in Highlands County.

If you prefer, you can take your food up to Billie’s office any time up to 9 AM Tuesday.  If you want to donate cash or a check (made out to Parkway Food Mission) give it to Billie.

The response to these collections has been very good, and we thank you.  Keep up the good work, and remember, it’s now The Second Tuesday of Each Month.

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