New Honorees on the Wall of Fame

This year’s  honored residents have been introduced at Monday Coffee, not that they needed an introduction.  The elected have all been long-time residents of  Tanglewood and have distinguished themselves in various fields.  This year’s celebrated citizens are:

Marilyn Schoppenhorst, TMAC Treasurer.  Although TMAC is a non-profit corporation, there is an awful lot of financial operations that take place every week.  Marilyn keeps all the committees on the straight-and-narrow, and more importantly, legal path.  Deposits and disbursements are her stock in trade, and it’s a huge job.

John McKinney, Computer Guru.  If there’s anything John doesn’t know about computers we haven’t found it yet.  Not only does he run the Computer Club and most of the classes it offers, but he’s the Exalted Webmaster for Life of the TWRTimes.  Gods and mortals come to John for computer expertise.

Tom McKeever,  Mister T-Mac.  Tom’s been on so many committees and tried so many activities (we won’t bring up his Tennis career).  He’s been Chairman of Special Events, Special Activities, and the TWRTimes, and probably more.  He’s been the Chairman (now called “President”) of TMAC more times than anyone else. And as such, his cool head and diplomacy have kept us from ripping each others’ throats out at times.


Alvina Beyer and the late Ray Beyer.  Alvina has been the heart and soul of the Parish Nursing Program, through all its incarnations in the park.  She started the Monday Morning Blood Pressure program and the Health Fairs.  She keeps tabs on the ill and recovering and never, but never, sits still.  Ray has been gone for some years now, but he was a real go-to guy in the early days of Tanglewood.  He built the grills for the Bash area and the storage cubbies under the stage.  When Ray talked, John Greytak listened.


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