Alvina Says Thanks, Again.

Thank you to all who volunteered to help for the Health Fair.
Thanks to Hometown America for the use of the building.

.Special thanks to Greg Plank for setting up all the tables and those who helped put  the room back in order after the fair, and thanks to Jan and her crew  for purchasing & serving refreshments.

Close to 500 attended. There has been a lot of positive feed back from both vendors and participants.
After coordinating Tanglewood Health Fairs for 16 years, it was on my Bucket list to pass the torch and Pam Batey has accepted it.
For all of you that  have volunteered in the past 16 years with me I thank you and God Bless…

Alvina Beyer LHEF Co-ordinator

Editor’s Note:  And thank YOU, Alvina!

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