Outdoor Decorating Committee Update

Remember all the lights on the forest green, the trees against the big pond, and all the flags, wreaths, and everything else that made Tanglewood so festive last month?  You all should know that wasn’t done by Management, but by a hardworking bunch of people who call themselves the Outdoor Decorating Committee.

They’re not a TMAC committee, and get no funding from the park.  Everything has been bought through a series of very successful fundraisers.  A couple of years back Gary Walker started offering professionally made, personalized outdoor banners.  You can see them hanging from light poles all around the park.  The Christmas and Hanukkah banners are about ready to come down, and the next batch will be displayed.  If your club, committee, or family wants a banner, talk to Gary.

Last year it was the Tanglewood Cookbook, a wonderful fat collection of local cooks’ recipes.  And you know if your name is on the recipe, it’s going to be great.  There are a few of these cookbooks left for $14.  See Billie in the Activities Office or ask Penny Irilli.

This year’s project was the wooden Christmas tree frames that sold out too soon.  You can now order these frames for next winter.  Cost is 2 for $25, and they will ask for a $5 deposit for each tree ordered.  The ODC will help you string the tree frame with lights if necessary, and even help stick it in the ground next Christmas.  Customer Service is Alive and Well!

One other current fundraiser is the raffle for the Wine and Cheese Sunset Cruise on Lake Jackson.  These tickets are now being sold at Monday Coffees for $5 apiece or 5 for $20.  This cruise has been donated and will be skippered by Alan Holmes, and the winner will choose 9 of his or her friends to join him on the boat.  The lucky soul whose ticket is drawn will choose the date of the party.  A limited number of tickets are available, and quite a few have already been sold.  The drawing will be on March 12, or earlier if all the tickets sell out before then, so don’t dawdle.

What are they going to do with the funds they raise?  Lights, lights, and more lights.  More of those lovely red and green trees that reflected so prettily in the pond.  And a major addition:  a 12 piece Nativity Set.  Can’t wait to see that.

The Outdoor Decorating Committee is quite proud of what they have been able to accomplish in the last two years.  We started out with 36 Christmas trees and 20 some wreaths.  This past year we put out approximately  60  trees, 35 wreaths and wrapped 44 trees.    Christmas lights are quite expensive as we only use LED.  We have to credit the residents of Tanglewood for our success because they keep giving us money to enable us to succeed.   What we are able to do is entirely up to the residents’ generosity.   Yea  Tanglewood!!!!!!

Patriotic Christmas

submitted by Penny Irilli
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