Sing-Along Draws a Big Happy Crowd

And if they weren’t happy when they  arrived, they certainly had cheered up a lot in the next two hours.

The Tanglewood Minstrels put on a super show on Tuesday night.  They led us in all our old favorite gospel and folk songs, with the words clearly projected on the big screens so we could sing along.  And sing along we did.

Starting with “Meeting Here Tonight” (I know  you by your friendly face!) and progressing through the songs we sang or sang to our kids.  Remember “This Little Light of Mine”, “I Saw the Light” and “Down by the Riverside”?  How about “Proud Mary”, “Blowing in the Wind”, and “Worried Man Blues”?

The prettiest of the songs had to be either “Four Strong Winds” or “Today”, which featured some very nice vocal harmony.  The final piece was “This Land is Your Land”, which included an extra verse for the Canadians in the audience.

The emcee of the night was Craig Whitmore, and he was a joy.  Just enough humor and not too much talking between the songs, the night just flew by.  The rest of the troupe include (in no particular order):  Bobby Mills, Jim Inch, Marcie Taylor, Gary Colburn, Linda and David Miller, Jennifer Hopson, Julie Johnston, Deb Sennet, Daryl Patrick, Lynn Jocelyn and Marianne Jones, who formed the group years ago.  There were well over 160 in the audience, which is pretty darn amazing.  But we Tanglewoodsmen know a good thing when we hear it, and we’ll be back.

The Tech booth was manned by Ken Kabet and Ron Wortelboer.  Good job, guys!

And a PS:  The Tanglewood Minstrels would like to add a fiddle player.  Contact Marianne Jones if you’re interested.

Photo by Bill Halter, thanks!

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