Heartland Games Shuffleboard

Six Tanglewood Shufflers Compete in Avon Park

On Tuesday, February 6 the largest group of shufflers ever to compete in the Heartland Games shuffleboard tournament met at the Avon Park Seniors Activity Center. Among those competing were six Tanglewood shufflers, our largest contingent in the Games’ history.

Kevin Waterman, John Zeiger,               Ray Hermiston, Kay Hermiston,             Bill Menheere, Louise Menheere

Kay Hermiston took gold in the 80-84 year old women’s singles and combined with hubby, Ray, for silver in doubles. Ray also came home with a silver for his play in singles. Bill and Louise Menheere didn’t medal but enjoyed the day and will continue to participate in a variety of the events in the 2018 Heartland Games lineup. Kevin Waterman and John Zeiger competed in the Games for the first time. Despite being held off the podium, they both plan to return when the 2019 Heartland Games shuffleboard tournament is held at the Sebring Recreation Club. Not only will Kevin and John return, they plan to get more Tanglewooders involved.

52 shuffleboard enthusiasts competed in age groupings from 60-64 up to 90+. There were 11 from Sebring Village and 8 from Adelaide Shores. Will Tanglewood outnumber those parks next year?

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