Kings Rule the Court

The Kings & Queens Classic Petanque tournament, the big kahuna of tournies at the courts each year, and also the ‘Resident Appreciation Days’ showdown, took place this past Saturday. Clear skies but a cool 54 degrees, thanks to a 12 mph breeze from the NNE, greeted the 12 Kings and 12 Queens teams for the 9am start. The Classic is unique as it is 2 tournaments in 1, a Kings and Queens side with the overall winners of each bracket not meeting until the finals……5 rounds later.  Bragging rights were definately on the line, as well as the cash prizes, as both Queens flights ‘A’ and ‘B’ were the DEFENDING champs from last year, sweeping the crowns.  Ohhhh its been a verrrrrry loooooong year for the Kings!  Lets get to the action…..

The Kings

Kings & Queens ‘A’ flights, both undefeated on the day, clashed head on like a freight train for the overall championship. The Kings struck early with power, building just too big of a lead over the gutsy Queen ‘A’ champs. In the end the Kings ‘A’ were just too much and grabbed the overall title going undefeated ALL DAY!  Congrats to the Kings ‘A’ flight, (L-R) Paul Howell, Dave Weidner, Dick Olszewski, and Dan Boprey. Losing just the final game,  a very tough Queens ‘A’ team, Dolly Gibson, Kathy Keller, Marilyn Jones, and Pam Pelletier.  Great tournament ladies!

The ‘B’ Flight crown featured the Queen B’s, (L-R) Marge Boprey, Donna Zeiger, Jackie Cushmann,

The Queens

and Cheryl Burnham, versus the heavily favored Kings ‘B’ team, Barry Radawiec, Jerry Donaldson, Sam New and Duane Hite. This reporter hopes you didn’t pick the favorite because the Queens B’s had different ideas on the matter, stinging hard and often. With a 12-10 lead the Queen B’s huddled up, high fived and came out swarming, taking the title and successfully defending the ‘B’ flight crown. Congrats Queen B’s you rock! Are we talking dynasty yet???

Of course it takes many hands to pull this tourney off.  The Petanque Grill Team, always smiling Susan Johnson and Sharon Lambiase served hundreds of dogs, thank you ladies! Tournament Co-ordinators Greg Plank, Warren Smith, Dick Hale, Anne Eberlin, Neville Carr, Pam Pelletier, and Bartley Rodgers. The committee officers transition team worked seamlessly.  Special thanks to the hard working court groomers who again did a fantastic job, and to all those who helped with tent setup and breakdown.
Submitted by Bob Larocque
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