Canada Day In Tanglewood

214 Canadians took over the clubhouse on March 7 for the annual Canada Day party. Back home we celebrate Canada Day on July 1st.  2017 was a special year as we celebrated 150 years of nationhood.

Here in Tanglewood, Canadians are happy to enjoy great friendships with our American neighbors in our adopted, warm winter home but for one afternoon it was just Canucks partying with friends from Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and possibly some of the other six provinces.

Bill & Luanne Kerr

Bill and Luanne Kerr headed up a large committee whose members sold tickets door to door, decorated the clubhouse, ordered and served dinner then cleaned up for the next group to use the clubhouse.

Lora Patton


Lora Patton provided the music and the dance floor was filled with couples swaying to the slow songs and naturally there were lots of line dancers.



Throughout the afternoon 79 door prizes were awarded. A big thank you goes out to Jerry St. Cyr and Yolande Carbonneau who sought out prizes, organized them and handed them out to the lucky winners.


Veggie trays were on each table to tide people over until dinner, a filling meal of fried chicken, beans, coleslaw and potato salad followed by great cupcakes decorated with red or white icing. The extra food was taken to the mission by Nancy and Brian Shennan.

Hats off to everyone who helped to make the 2018 Canada Day Party a success.




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