What a Bunch of Cuties

Talking about the Pet Parade here.  Such a lot of cuteness, all gathered in the Bash Area to show off their tricks and costumes.  And socialize with other pups, some of whom they’ve only smelled around the park.  Nice to put a face to that fragrance.

Lucy, Costume Winner

All in all there were about twenty dogs, ranging from a two pound Buster to the big Labs and Pointers.  There were several Poodles of varying size, a few Shih-tzu blends, an assortment of Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, an adorable Morkie a brace of Dachshunds, and a Pug-tzu. One latecomer was a beautiful Corgi, he missed the games but got plenty of attention.

Those games were loosely organized, as usual.  Lucy the Schnauzer won the costume contest with her butterfly wings and headpiece.  Boo


the Pomeranian did the best trick, but had some stiff competition from Abby the Shih-chon and Coco, who is “basically a poodle”.  Jean Champlin and Polly won the grueling Musical Chairs marathon.

The youngest pup present was Gloria Hart’s Teddy, a sweet looking Morkie.  The oldest (I mean, “senior”) dogs were Lucy the Schnauzer and Flower the Pom.  Looking good, girls!  Retirement obviously agrees with these dogs.  If there had been a contest for coolest name, Quin Quan would have won, paws down.

New this year are Jack and Ruth Walden, creators of fine and custom leashes and harnesses.  They can fashion a collar or harness for any sized animal, from a huge dog to a cute little-bitty kitty.

As you would expect, the Tanglewood Dog Owners’ Guild (DOG) took up a collection for four different animal welfare organizations:  The Humane Society, Animal Services, the Sheriff’s K-9 unit, and the Heartland Cat Rescue.
Check out Mitzi’s pictures at http://picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/24801744


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