Tanglewood Art League March Artist of the Month

Merritt Wiley, Artist & Photographer

Merritt Wiley was an independent contract engineer responsible for concept and design of manufacturing machinery for clients such as International Harvester, John Deere, Caterpillar Inc., and also the automotive industry.

In retirement, Merritt is active in the Tanglewood Community serving on the Homeowners Association Board of Directors and producing the annual Tanglewood Resident Directory.

Merritt continues his artistic pursuits as a member of the Tanglewood Art League. We invite you to view his showcase display in the Tanglewood Clubhouse. Merritt’s slogan is “Sometimes stirred. Never shaken.” It describes his demeanor and is revealed in his meticulously rendered art work. Look close – the detail will amaze you.


[Above left] Merritt’s title drawing in the Tanglewood Clubhouse showcase display. It is created in the visual art genre known as Trompe L’oeil; def. Visual illusion in art, especially as used to trick the eye into perceiving a drawn or painted detail as a three dimensional object. Artists have been using this technique to dazzle for centuries. [Above right] Merritt Wiley at his drawing table in his home studio.

Merritt provided this short description of his artwork:

PHOTOGRAPHY: I purchased my first camera, second hand, in 1954, however had used my father’s camera starting in 1948. I have approximately 16,000 digital photos and 3,000 35mm slides in my personal archive. As far as subject matter, it ranges from lighthouses, landscapes, windows to unusual patterns.

PENCIL DRAWING: Being a design engineer of special production machinery required multiple sketches to consummate a final design. Using this ability, I expanded into drawing. I have great enjoyment creating an illusional Trompe L’oeil drawing using graphite pencil, carbon pencil and charcoal on watercolor paper. I hope you enjoy my art!


The two smaller compositions above show progressive steps in Merritt’s drawing process. It takes time, patience and a great deal of artistic skill. The artwork, top right, is titled “Tammy’s Pea Soup Recipe.” The tools of the trade are shown below.


Merritt’s artwork may be viewed in the Tanglewood Clubhouse Showcase Display during the month of March.

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