Tanglewood Masters Golf Tournament

If it seems like Tanglewood golfers are paying more attention to leader Boards and World Golf rankings, it’s more than likely because the Fourth Annual TGA Masters Golf tournament is just around the corner,
April 4th and 5th.

What started out to be an experiment four years ago is now the Tanglewood Golf Association’s most popular event.

The two-day, three part tournament starts on Wednesday evening April 4, the day before the real Masters’ first round.  The Tanglewood main hall is where over 50 two-person best ball teams assemble to pick a Pro that will be playing in the Masters.  This Pro will be the teams’ third person.

Since the selection part is social in nature, non-golfing spouses/partners are invited to join in the fun.

On Thursday morning part two kicks in, the actual Golf games.  This year’s event will be at Sun’n’Lakes Turtle Run Course.

Once play is finished, score cards verified and team scores entered on the score boards, “you guessed it”, time for another round of social gathering again at the Tanglewood Clubhouse.  Where a few good shots, a lot of missed putts and water balls are discussed over a catered buffet dinner.  During all this the big screen TV’s are turned to the Masters’ tournament and as the Pros finish their rounds the score boards are updated and the winners are declared.

So if you happen to see a Tanglewood golfer and want to start up a conversation, just ask him or her, what Pro they want as a playing partner!

Submitted by Tom and Linda Setera

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