The Everlasting Word, March 25

“Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”
1 Peter 5:7
Sometimes life is hard to the point we feel we cannot endure it.  For example I recently visited a couple who both have cancer.  He has prostate cancer and she has colon cancer.  They are overwhelmed with all the doctor visits and medicines they are taking. They are new in the community where they live.
However they visited a church in the community and filled out a card stating their prayer request.
They received a call that afternoon and that evening 7 people from the church came to their house to
pray for them.  With tears in both their eyes they realized that there were people who would love them and pray for them.  All they needed to do was to let God use that church to minister to them.  God works through His people in a tangible way because He cares!!!!
An Everlasting Word!!!!!
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