Healthcare Awareness Calendar

Are You a Little S.O.B.?

Get your calendars out and markers close by. Healthcare awareness has exploded with what one might call (TMI) or ‘too much information’. Not that its a bad thing, but, well, read on and either your eyes will glaze over or your markers will run dry. Here goes: 

  • January
  •  National Blood Donor Month -We all have it, and some of us have special types, so share the health, and donate.
  • National Volunteer Blood Donor Month – So now they take anyone who wants to ‘volunteer’ to work the needles?
  • Cervical Health Awareness Month – Not touching that one.
  • Thyroid Awareness Month – Its more or less either hypo or hper.
  • National Intravenous Nurse Day – If you’ve ever needed an ‘IV’, it’s not always something to celebrate, and, unless they get it right the first time, it will be a bloody mess and your arm will look like a pin cushion. It has been said that it is easier to give than to receive. Personal experience confirms this one on both ends of the needle.


•    American Heart Month – One of my favorites. The American Heart Association CPR course is awesome!
•    National Cancer Prevention Month – Getting close to a cure. Drug companies need another disease to maintain.

•    Patient Recognition Week – Hope they have my name spelled right, Wrong, It’s BA TEY, not BEATTY.
•    National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week – You can’t be ‘active’ until you can climb a flight of stairs without getting          (SOB) also known as short of breath.

•    Alzheimer’s and Dementia Staff Education Week – So it’s the STAFF who has dementia! That explains why they        wake you up at midnight to give you a sleeping pill!

•   National Wear Red Day for women’s heart health – Be that Lady in Red, it’s for a good cause

Had enough?  Are you still awake?  Just one more month…

March – (Some answers lean towards medical humor

•    National Colo-rectal Cancer Awareness Month – Have you had your colonoscopy?
•    Brain Injury Awareness Month – Helmets can make a difference, especially with motorcycles.
•    Save Your Vision Month – No more saving, it’s time to see and be seen.

•    National Nutrition Month – Save a cow, eat more chicken
•    National Kidney Month – We have a pair of-um , so take care of-um
•    Patient Safety Awareness Week  – Be aware that you have a patient, for safety’s sake!
•    National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week – Lungs, they can leave you breathless.

•    World Oral Health Day – Keep it cleantry the new Oral-B toothbrush.

•    The American Diabetes Association Alert Day – That alarm going off from your phone is the reminder to check          your blood sugar before eating that chocolate pudding pie! (I know who you are).
•    National Doctor’s Day – For some, its time to change careers, make more money working in health insurance.

That’s all, my eyes are glazing over!    Until next time.



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