TMAC Minutes, February 2018

The incoming board of chairmen met at 2:45 to elect the Chair and Vice Chair of the Tanglewood Master Activities Committee for the 2018-19 season. Bruce Eberly was elected Chair; Jay Etherton will be the Vice Chair. The positions of Secretary and Treasurer will be appointed.

At 3:05 the meeting of the present Chairs met and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. There were representatives of 24 committees present and 14 in the audience.

The Minutes of the January 2018 meeting were approved unanimously, Gerry Humphrey moved and Warren Smith seconded.

Marilyn Schoppenhorst handed out the financial statements and they were accepted for review.

Billie gave the Activities Director’s Report. In response to an email she sent to all the Chairs regarding the placement of the round tables around the perimeter of the hall, the majority of the respondents liked the new arrangement.

Breakfast Committee, who has been feeding over 300 people every month all winter, did not, but the new arrangement will stand for now.

The last day to pick up tickets for Residents’ Day dinner is Friday, Feb. 23, from 9-12 AM and 1-5 PM.

The seating’s will be either 2:00 or 4:00, with a show at 7 PM, the Sala’s South Seas Review.

The awards ceremony (for the resident-run games and tournaments) will be on Friday March 16, the sign-up sheets are in the binder on the credenza.

There will be a Fire Ring tomorrow from 5-7 PM in the Outback.

Billie wants to hear from ALL incoming chairmen, the day, time, and location of your regularly scheduled meetings, and when an event is scheduled.

Committee Reports were given:

  • BINGO is drawing large crowds, with appropriately large payouts.
  • COMPUTER CLUB will meet Friday. Topics for discussion include Win 10 Settings App and Google Docs.  The annual party will be March 29.
  • COUNTRY BREAKFAST had no report.
  • DANCE will have Rick Arnold on March 10 and the California Toe Jam Band on the 24th. Tickets for Toe Jam will go on sale March 5 at Coffee.  They are starting a new idea to increase attendance:  a Progressive Jack Pot which will start March 10 with $50.  Every dance with no winner (selected house or lot numbers) will add $10 until a maximum of $180 is reached.  Winners MUST be a resident, present at the dance, and wearing their name badge to collect.
  • DECORATING did Valentine’s Day and will outdo themselves for the Anniversary Dinner on Saturday.
  • DIVERSIONS welcomes new Chair Donna Scorse. In the past month they ran the Educators’ Appreciation Party, the Spelling Bee and are scheduling a Sevens card game on 2/26, another Sevens game for the Residents’ Day, the Garage Sale March 9 & 10, and will start selling Craft Fair Tables on March 5 for $5.
  • GENEALOGY has a new leader, Marianne Jones. Next meeting March 7, new members welcome.
  • LIBRARY reports the Blind Date with a Book ends February 28. In January alone they filed 1204 books.  In the past year they shelved 9620 books.
  • MODEL YACHT CLUB – Rich Mieling is the new Chair. On March 24 they will host the All-Florida Cup Regatta at Sun ‘n’ Lakes.
  • MONDAY COFFEE also has a new chair, Jay Etherton. Jan Carbaugh thanked her many helpers over the past years.
  • PETANQUE – Dick Hale is the new chair.
  • PICKLEBALL hosts the Heartland Games this weekend and the 6th Annual Tanglewood Winter Classic on March 19.
  • POTLUCK – Anna May thanked all her workers and those who bring the good food.
  • SHUFFLEBOARD – Still playing every weekday at 10 AM, all welcome.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS has 4 shows remaining this season. Gordy and Debbie are this Sunday.   Next year’s acts were announced.  Ticket prices will be going up, the amount will be announced next month.  Dimitri’s Restaurant has donated two $20 gift cards to be given away at EACH show.
  • SPECIAL MEALS will cater the annual Anniversary Dinner this Saturday. Doors open at 4:30.  Next month’s meal will be homemade lasagna on March 20, tickets are now on sale.
  • TABLE GAMES welcomes lots of new residents to their card games. Jeanette thanked Hometown for the more comfortable chairs.
  • TAG is experimenting with videography. The committee is still in flux, hoping to stay intact.
  • TECH SUPPORT – Howard reminds us all that requests for tech support MUST BE submitted by the last Monday of the month preceding the event, so someone can be assigned.
  • TENNIS – the new nets are partly up, there are more on order. Appreciation Tournament is 3/7.  They are playing every Monday – Friday at 9 AM, Beginners welcome and Lessons are available.
  • TRIPS & TRAVEL welcomes Sharon Gilmore as new chair. The Farm Trip has been cancelled, due to high cost and low sign-ups.  They are looking for suggestions for day trips.
  • Com. Bob Larocque is our new Sports Writer.  Unique hits continue to be very high. They are hosting the annual Word Game for Appreciation Days.  Sign up in the binder.
  • WATER VOLLEYBALL ‘s new chair is Debby Stewart. They have lots of players and the water is warm.
  • WELCOME sees new people at the Welcome Table every Monday. A New Resident Social is being planned for March 12.
  • WOOD AND GLASS SHOP- the last meeting of the combined shops, as of March 1 the Glass Shop will be its own entity. Steve Batey will head Glass and Paul Henry will chair Wood Shop.

Under Unfinished Business:  Treasurer Marilyn Schoppenhorst brought out some line items on the proposed TMAC by—law revisions that need to be reworded or clarified.  After some discussion Bruce Eberly made a motion to send it back to the By-law Review Committee to be rewritten. John McKinney seconded it, motion passed.

Outgoing Chairman Howard Salles called for adjournment at 4:00 and was roundly applauded.

Shirley Kabet, Secretary
February 21, 2018

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