Let’s Talk, Tanglewood!

Manager Tammy Martin

Park Manager Tammy Martin instituted these quarterly open forum-type sessions last year.  The idea was to let residents speak directly to her and her staff.  Problems could be discussed, kudos could be announced, questions answered, and general information shared.

Wednesday March 28 saw the third of these programs.  Attendance was a bit on the sparse side, but those who did come had good questions and comments.  June George asked about the bucket truck being used for trimming the palm trees – does it belong to Hometown or is it rented.  Answer:  It is Hometown’s, and we share it with another park in the state.

Other matters of importance discussed included the pool – when will it reopen?  Tomorrow morning, the chemicals are starting to circulate throughout the pool, and the water needs to warm up again.

Sun and Lake Security – we can call them if we are going to be away from our homes for a weekend or longer, and they have  promised extra drive-bys.

Hurricane shelter – the Tanglewood Church has taken charge of the  planning for next summer’s possible hurricanes.  The Pet Shelter sign up sheet is already on the credenza, and forms for Special Needs shelters can also be obtained there.  Our Clubhouse is NOT adequate for our residents with Special Needs, the county sets up and staffs them properly.

Billie’s monthly newsletters will not be delivered door-to-door during the summer months (starting in April).  She expects this month’s papers to be delivered Thursday afternoon, you can come to the clubhouse to pick one up starting around 5:00.  Both the Activities and the Business Offices will be closed on Good Friday.  The Business Office will be open from 10-4 on Saturday, closed on Sunday, and reopen Monday for regular hours.

There will be a Monday Coffee on April 2.  Plan to stay a little bit longer for a meet-and-greet with the Hometown staff.  There are several new faces around the park.  They’ll be introduced during the meeting and will stay after for a bit to get acquainted.

Tammy has agreed to let any of her workers take time off on Wednesday, April 4, to go donate blood at the Big Red Bus which will be up at the clubhouse.

Here’s a summary of the 2018 Capital Expenditures (CapEx) completed or approved to date:

  • New furniture for the veranda (both lower and upper portions) has been ordered
  • Maintenance will be getting a new truck
  • Acoustiblok fencing (the sound barrier stuff) has been ordered for the Pickleball courts
  • New chairs have been placed in the Community Room and the Craft Room, and
  • There’s a new hot water heater in the Comfort Station in the Outback.

The next Let’s Talk, Tanglewood! session is scheduled for Wednesday, June 27, at 2:00 PM.

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