Tanglewood Art League April 2018, Artists of the Month

Kathie Mousseau & Linda Silvas: Zentangle Drawing

Our two artists of the month for April share a passion for ZENTANGLE. I was not familiar with the art form until Kathie Mousseau presented a hands-on workshop on Zentangle to TAL artists on Monday, May 15, 2017. It was easy to learn and a fun way to create. Zentangle is non-representational and unplanned so you can focus on individual drawing strokes and not worry about the result. Think of doodling, where you start making random marks on paper with little thought.

Kathie’s definition:
Zentangle is a form of art using a repetitive design. It is very relaxing, hence the name (Zen) Zentangle.

As a young girl Kathie was always interested in art. It wasn’t until adulthood that she took Zentangle classes from a Certified Zentangle teacher. After moving into Tanglewood, two years ago, she met Linda Silvas who also had an interest in Zentangle. Together they instructed other residents of the community in this form of art and formed a small group called the Zentangle Group.

In Kathie’s words:
“Zentangle is very relaxing especially since there are no mistakes, so therefore you never get it wrong”

Detail of Zentangle art composition by Kathie Mousseau

Linda’s background in Zentangle:

Linda started zentangling back in 2011 and found it a very relaxing form of art. She is self-taught, having never has a lesson. Linda became a member of the Tanglewood Art League when she moved to the community in 2015. She enjoys working with the Zentangle Group.

In Linda’s words:
“I love to zentangle on anything… rocks, boxes, book-markers
— I am even doing some mixed media art with it now. There are no limits with Zentangle.”

Photo detail of the showcase display showing various forms of Zentangle art – bookmarks, 3D letterform, and painted rocks. Although primarily a black & white medium, you may add color. As Linda states: There are no limits with Zentangle!


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