April Petanque Tournament

It’s A Wrap!

The last Petanque tournament of the season is in the books! Hugs and handshakes were a plenty as the tourney also gave everyone an opportunity to bid our friends farewell before they make their trip back north. Another season has flown by so quickly.

Clear skies and a comfortable temp of 72F with a light breeze from the SW, greeted the players for the 9am start. Tournament coordinators Greg Plank and Dick Hale checked the 64 players in and set the wheels in motion as the 16 teams began their battle for the crowns.

As with all the tournaments, the Petanque Grill Team were busy grilling the dogs to perfection, the aroma drifting onto the courts to the players delight and anticipation. A special thanks to Susan Johnson, Joan Henline, and Sharon Lambiase for their time and efforts all season. The PGT rocks!

Petanque tournaments divide off into an ‘A’ Flight and ‘B’ Flight after the first round of games, decided by winners and losers in that first round. Any loss beginning in the 2nd round eliminates a team from further action….its sudden death!  Silver lining for those eliminated…..first in line for them delicious dogs!

Four rounds later and an uptick in the mercury to 84F, with wind gusts of 20mph, the finalists of both flights made their first tosses.

“A” Flight Champs!

‘A’ Flight Champs…L-R, Len Comrie, Marge Carney, Linda Sewell, and Nelson Pelletier.

The match fittingly was a classic as their opponents, Pam Pelletier, Gary Sewell, Sue Holm, and Glenn Kelly controlled the play and the scoreboard, building a near insurmountable lead of 12-6. Dont be packing up the tents just yet!….Led by clutch shooting by Marge Carney, who stroked more than a few masterpiece shots in the game, the tide turned and rolled into high gear ending with a wild and dramatic 13-12 win for the comeback kids!

“B” Flight Victors


B Flight…Congrats to L-R, Charlie Sellick, Evalyn Gust, Dick Hale, and Paul Seifert.

Their ‘B’ flight opponents of Dan Boprey, Joyce Robbins, Ellie Brooks, and Don Gibson hand their hands full dealing with some spot on shooting, and were unable to keep pace with the eventual winners, losing 13-1. Sometimes in Petanque a team hits ‘the wall’….we’ve all been there.

Thanks to ALL who helped make this, and all tournaments this season a success. From the coordinators, court groomers, tent builders, PGT, the Petanque Committee, and especially all the players.  It was a fantastic season!






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