Model Yacht Club

Sail Away!

We’ve all seen them. Those cool model sailboats gracefully skimming across Regatta Pond, controlled by their landbound skippers complete with boyish grins.

Relaxing and yet challenging, as described to me by Paul Graham the morning I stopped by. In racing season (January) this is a very busy group, and of course in March there is the ‘All Florida Cup’ over at Sun n Lake.

Now in the club’s off season, with approx 80% of their members returned to their northern homes, NOW is a great time for anyone new to Tanglewood to come check this out!  An easy going bunch will welcome you, and help get your feet wet… to speak.

For more info stop by and say hi to Paul and the crew.

* Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some Saturdays @10am

* Regatta Pond on Tanglewood Circle, across from the gym

* Boat kits available to purchase

Contact: Paul Graham 863-402-1254

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