The Lord’s Pleasure

“For the Lord takes pleasure in His people…”  Psalm 149:4

When I owned my own business I would work long hours and come home so tired I could barely make it into the house.  My wife would yell daddy is home. My little girl would come running and jump into my arms giving me a hug around the neck.  She would plant kisses on my cheek. I would forget being so tired realizing how blessed I was to have a great wife and wonderful daughter!  My family has always brought me wonderful joy,

In the same way God takes great joy in His children.  Just as my family blesses me everyday we can bless God.  It was a real eye opener when years ago I came to the understanding that just as my daughter blesses me I could bless God.  I have known for years that God blesses me, but it was new to me that I could bless Him. As I take great pleasure in being with my daughter, God takes great pleasure in me spending time with Him daily.  Take time everyday to spend time with God. It will surprise you how much better your day will go!!!!  An Everlasting Word!!!!!!


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