Wood Art in the Library

Two artists are displaying their diverse art in the library.

Christmas Man

John Larsen likes to make his at the wood shop in the summertime when it’s not so busy. He now makes primarily Christmas and patriotic objects. John has been crafting wood for 35+ years. “I started when I was between jobs to help keep me busy.” While living in Maryland he often visited Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, where he became fond of Amish art. He admired their clever workmanship, collected many of their crafts, and was inspired to develop his own

Painted Bird House

charming technique.

Violet Roe used to use oil and watercolors, to paint china and portraits. It took a long time to finish one project. Then she discovered that just one brushstroke could create many blended colors. Now she uses her talents to paint many kinds of objects. Violet is a former One Stroke instructor.

Both these artists sell their works at the Craft Fair and at the Garage Sale.

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