Ve Vant Your Bloooood…

The Bus is Coming!

There’s a severe shortage of blood in Highlands County.  Although it’s the usual condition for the summer months, it is no less urgent.  Residents you know are having surgery and needing the red stuff.  People from your church and the nice lady at Wal-Mart are needing blood.

What kind is most desperately short?  It’s YOUR type.  If you are O Positive or A Negative or AB Positive or O Negative, that’s what the Blood Center is looking for.  If you happen to be AB Negative, the staff on the Big Red Bus will practically drool when you register.  Truth!  I’ve seen it happen.

So what, you ask?  That Big Red Bus is scheduled to be at Tanglewood on Wednesday, June 6.  They are coming to get as many pints as they can to replenish their supplies.  (All blood donated stays in Highlands County.)  As  of today, there are only a couple of names on the sign up sheet.  If we don’t get a dozen or so more the Bus might skip us this time.  We don’t want to let them down, Tanglewood used to be the retirement community with the highest number of donations.

PLEASE, sign up in the Blood Drive book on the Credenza and come to donate.  Your grandkids will be proud of you.

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