Here Is An Idea!

The population may be down during the summer months here at Tanglewood, but we know there are always a variety of things happening. At least according to what we read in, Nextdoor Tanglewood, and see on Facebook good times are happening all the time in our community.

From what those of us on the road read, there seems to be no limit to the fun activities and gatherings.  The RV Club has a suggestion for all you fun lovers to consider.  At your next gathering of friends, be it a planned evening of cards or a club/committee activity, design a creative way to raise money for the annual Christmas Food Drive.

It could be a 50/50 drawing.  Maybe during a game of cards, petanque, bowling, golf, set a price on points.  Could be a penny, a nickel, or a dollar a point, with the proceeds going to the RV Club’s Food Drive efforts.

Put on your thinking caps, and come up with a fun way to help others. Fun adds to the joy of sharing.  The RV Club is just asking you to keep the Christmas Food Drive in mind at your gatherings.

Any amount, small or large, counts and is very welcomed.  Heather Paine is the RV Club contact person.  Her address is 2610 Lazy Days Lane or you can reach her at 508-274-4113 .  If you need 50/50 tickets or have money raised to drop off, she is the person to see.

Have a great summer!

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