What happened on the National Day of Prayer Celebration in Tanglewood

Tanglewood’s Celebration of the National Day of Prayer on May 3 started off with Dr. William (Bill) Burnham, Pastor of Tanglewood Community Church, welcoming those that attended.

Jack Nelson led everyone with the Pledge of Allegiance. Pastor Bill prayed for our nation and American unity, police, local government, military, educators, firefighters, EMS (Emergency Medical Services), EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians) representatives as well as all who attended.


From our local government, we had Denise Williams County Veteran Service Officer. Myrna Spencer, Director at Highlands County Tax Collection Office, Greg Harris, County Commissioner District 5, and Jack Richie, County Commissioner District 4.



From our Sheriff’s Department we had Sheriff Paul Blackman, Major Darin Hood, Lieutenant Kyle Albritton and Captain Jim McGann. From the Police Department City of Sebring was Chief Karl Hoglund with one of own retired Police Officer Dana Silva.




After our visitors were introduced, everyone joined hands in prayer conducted by Pastor Bill. Various prayer stations had been set up around the room included: Government, Education, Military, Police, Churches, Personal Prayers, E.M.S/E.M.T, and Hospital.  Everyone had the opportunity to pray at the different stations giving their voices up to God.

Praying Stations for Military


Representing our military were Denise Williams County Veteran Service Officer, Captain Thomas White, U.S. Marine Corp., our own Jack Nelson and Greg Schneider and his wife Sharon.




Our own Hometown America employees praying together



Our own Tammy Martin and Billie Pimentel Lopez with many of their employees taking the time to pray together.  It is so nice to see prayer brought back to our community on this day.



Three EMT’s


Three EMT’s arrived later and got as far as the hall before they were called to respond to another emergency.  Thanks guys! We only had time for a quick prayer with them as they ran to their vehicle to help whoever needed them!





Praying for our Hospitals, EMS and EMT

Praying for all Educators


Some local Government Representatives talking to Judy Donaldson

Praying for Firefighters



Praying with Pastor Bill on individual prayers

Thanks Bill Rulli for working the Tech Booth!
















For those that attended, it was a very powerful morning. Hometown America provided coffee, bottled water and various muffins which everyone enjoyed.  If you didn’t make it this year, try to attend next year’s celebration. You will be glad you did.

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