Musical Weekend and More

Jazz, The Dance, & Jello Shots

Saturday evening the clubhouse was alive again with the sound of music. The crowd was small but they all had a great time dancing to the music of Dan Patrick.  He played a great mix of country, rock & roll, line dancing, you name it, he could play it. There were several couples who showed off their talent on the dance floor to the Tango. Our guitarist brought nearly everyone to their feet when he began ‘The Electric Slide!’ Later he included the  ‘Cupid Shuffle’.

The quaint atmosphere appeared to be  relaxing to those dedicated music fans. A special bouquet of red roses went to one lucky lady in honor of Mother’s Day. The 50-50 was drawn, and the dance committee’s special money pot did not have a winner this time.

The clubhouse has worn several musical hats this past week. Friday evening Jazz, Saturday Dancing, and on Sunday, Praise and worship songs filled the building. The week was full of friends having fun while enjoying multiple genres of music.

Paradise is quieter now and less crowded.  Thanks to the Committees who sponsored the events. Also thanks to Hometown for sponsoring the Jammin’ Jell-O Shot Party featuring sounds from the Caribbean islands. Always something exciting happening here in Tanglewood all year long!  


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