Outdoor Banners – You Want One? Sure!

Show Your Pride

Two Service Flags

Gary Walker and the Outdoor Decorating Committee are once again taking orders for the outdoor banners that hang all over the community.  You can see around the Circle banners dedicated to individual servicemen and women, as well as all the branches of the Armed Forces.

These flags are two-sided and weather resistant.  You can special order one for your committee, club, activity, or even your best friend.  Contact Gary Walker for assistance in designing your banner.  The cost is minimal – for Veterans (your father, brother, sister, grandfather, etc.) the charge is $40.  Others (Water Aerobics, Church Choir, Glass Shop, etc) pay $50.  There’s a small extra charge for specialty graphics.

The 2018 tentative display schedule is:

Mid-Jan through mid May:                          Activity and Club Banners with Generic Military Banners

Mid-May through Late July:                        Military and Veterans Banners

Late July through Early October:                Activity and Club Banners with Generic Military Banners

Early October through Mid Nov.:                Military and Veterans Banners

Mid Nov through Early Mid Jan:                 Christmas Holiday Season Banners

Contact Gary Walker for help and more information about designing and ordering your personalized banner.

Folks can contact him by email – garywwalkersr@gmail.com or call me at 757-642-5559.






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