Strange Lights at Night

Oviedo Lights

Not far from Orlando, actually sort of between Orlando and Sanford, there’s been claim of a ghost light that chases cars.  Some witnesses reported lights that look like the headlights of a car that come down the road and then just stop and hang in midair.   These lights seem to favor the warmer months. Hey!  Its summer. Are you still reading?

Since the 1950s, high school kids from all over the county have driven out to the bridge over the Econ (Econlockhatchee River) just to check out the lights.  Some people think its swamp gas. When vegetation decomposes, and releases bio-gases, these gases sometimes ignite and produce a glowing effect that rises with the warm air. If not for their strange behavior, this is an easy solution.  Are you still reading?

Christine Kinlaw-Best, central Florida historian, passes along her recollection.  You had to go sit on the side of the road and wait until the wee hours of the morning.  It usually didn’t happen until after midnight. There were always two lights appearing three to four feet above the ground, and they were light green in color. They would come zooming around the curve in the road just like the headlights of a car. Occasionally the two lights would appear in the woods.  Whatever it was, it was fun for a bunch of teenagers who wanted to scare the daylights out of each other!

There were other stories, too.  Sitting under the bridge, you could see the silhouette of someone looking down from the middle of the bridge. Two of our group ran to the top of the bridge, one on each end, and there was no one there! Another time, kids were parked, in several cars, near the bridge and got out to walk. They heard a faint scream and running. They ran to join the rest of the group and the screaming got closer.  They jumped in their cars and left. One time out there the headlights actually pulled up behind them!

Karen Jacobs, Oviedo-Chuluota historian, states that kids would come from all over Orlando and Winter Park in long lines of cars heading thru Oviedo. They would ask a local where the Oviedo

Lights were and would get directions to the bridge out on Snow Hill Road.  The girls sitting in the cars would scream at every cricket and frog when the fog came rolling down the Econ, which would be an eerie sight.  It would reflect any kind of light including moonlight, car lights, a flashlight, etc.  The story has been going strong for decades.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Source: Weird Florida, Charlie Carlson, Sterling House, NY 2005

PS, don’t be afraid… the ghost foot is mine.



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