TWRT Announces Its Summer Contest(s)

While you’re just sitting around waiting for the rain to stop, you may as well be doing something fun and productive.  For example, playing one of our two summer games.

Game Number One:  Find the little icon.  We’ve run this contest the past two years, and it’s really quite easy.  You will be looking through all the pages of the TWRTimes for a little  eyeglass icon.  The trick this year is that there will be more than one of them hidden.  For the June contest we’ve tucked FOUR little eyeglasses in  various places.  When you find all four, contact me at  http://editor@twrtimes with the exact information.  Here’s a hint:  This is what you’re looking for.  That one is a gimme – now go find THREE more.  Everyone who sends in the correct information by June 30 will be in a drawing for $25 on July 2 at Monday Coffee.

Game Number Two:  The Great Limerick Contest.  This one is new. We want you to compose and send in ORIGINAL and reasonably clean limericks.  If you’ve forgotten how they go, a limerick is a 5 line poem, usually humorous (but not always).  The first two lines rhyme with each other, the third and fourth lines must rhyme with each other and are normally shorter than lines 1 and 2.  Line 5 rhymes with 1 and 2.
Here’s a sample, submitted anonymously:
I love my Coffee, yes I do.
Dark Roast, Decaf, Hot Tea too.
Ken and Shirley
Get up early
To get the last donut before you.

Send those limericks to me again,.http://editor@twrtimes  The best one each month will be awarded $25.


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