Water Volleyball

Just Add Water!

We’ve all heard the hooting and hollering…..and usually before we even see them. Water Volleyball, that fun bunch at the pool laughing on every volley of their ‘regulation’ Moana, other assorted Disney or crime fighters beach balls.

Water Volleyball Chair Ben Davis, took the time and sat down with me Sunday explaining the rules…..Have Fun, laugh, and don’t let the ball hit the water. Simple enough.

This group is also the crew that laid a whooping on the Hometown America staff a couple seasons back. HTA are still stinging and talking about a mixed squad rematch possibly in July. Notice….mixed squads!

For those new residents of Tanglewood you really do need to join in on the fun, drop by and you will be laughing with them soon enough.

*** Water Volleyball plays every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday (except on holidays) on a ‘pick up’ basis.

*** Time: 1:30-3pm

Contact: Ben Davis 239-994-1542
Mike LaBozzetta
Bob Grandsard


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